Acknowledging our need for meaning and purpose are critical to our enjoyment of expat life, says Intuitive Consultant, Kim Forrester.

Injecting meaning and purpose into your daily life is imperative for your holistic wellbeing. In fact, studies in Canada have shown that people who have a sense of purpose actually live longer than those who are uninspired and unfulfilled.

As an expat, the need for meaningful actions and interactions is especially vital. The temporary nature of most expat situations can lead to a life that feels like ‘treading water’; many expats unconsciously avoid situations that require lasting commitment, deep connection or emotional vulnerability. Sadly, this behaviour can just deepen the sense of loneliness, disconnection and alienation that comes with living away from home.

But whether you are in Singapore permanently, long-term or temporarily, your emotional and spiritual wellbeing matters. You are precious. You deserve the utmost care and nurturing. Therefore, it is wise to openly acknowledge the inherent needs you have as a human being – the need to belong, to feel inspired and to contribute in a meaningful way – and make fulfilling these needs a priority.

This is what makes organisations like ANZA so important. Participating in the ANZA community injects connection, purpose and meaning into members’ daily lives. There are many avenues in which to participate: attending events, joining interest and sporting groups and, at the heart of ANZA, volunteering. Hundreds of volunteers find purpose through their work within the community and in the wider community through the charity arm, ANZA Action.

So seek regular activities that inspire you – that tap your natural interests and talents and challenge you to expand and strengthen these areas of yourself. Seek that which allows you to connect with others authentically; to be real, imperfect and vulnerable – activities that excite and motivate you; that you look forward to. If the answer to this isn’t already a part of ANZA, can you create it?

The truth is that being happy is an incredible purpose of its own. When you are inspired, fulfilled and uplifted it has a very real impact on the people in your life, in your home and – as studies show – even in your wider community. You smile more. You cope better. You energise your space. You lift the mood and outlook of everyone you touch. Most importantly, you unconsciously compel others to seek inspiration, authenticity and meaning in their own lives … and what greater purpose could there be than that?

Kim Forrester is an intuitive consultant, author, educator and ANZA member.

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