Get your tickets sorted for the ANZA AFL Grand Final party and meet former ruckman, Spida Everitt.  

The former AFL ruckman retired from the professional game in 2008 after 291 games, and has since been involved with many radio and TV shows. Catch him at ANZA’s AFL Grand Final party at ParkRoyal hotel on Beach Road, Saturday 30 September.  

What do you feel contributes to a stand-out performance?

It is all about your preparation, always be prepared. Remember the 5 P’s – practise and preparation prevents poor performance.

How do you mark a great performance or success?

If you are honest with yourself then you know what your “great” is, but it’s others that acknowledge the performance most.

What’s been the biggest challenge of your career?

Going from a local lad having a kick of the footy on weekends, to playing in front of tens of thousands of people and it being shown on TV to hundreds of thousands more. The lifestyle, the training, changes in nearly every aspect of your daily life – what meals to eat, when to eat them – it all had its challenges. The entire footy career had its challenges.

What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?

When I was 15 I went from one local football club to another and was picked up that year by the St. Kilda football club. I question if I would have been picked up had I not decided to change clubs.

How do you deliver bad news?

Personally, face-to-face and to the individual first.

How do you prepare for a major deadline or big event?

Always do the hard yards early so when the deadline or event arrives the hard work is done.

What’s your secret weapon?

I think it is time management and having the ability to look at things as a whole but break it down to make it happen, quicker and easier. 

How do you keep a clear mind?

I love the garden so when I’m out pottering around I clear my mind from the stresses of work and life.

What goes through your head during the match or show?

This is it, all the work is done now so it’s show time! Don’t waste all the hard work you’ve put in; push it out and play hard.

What has been the most interesting thing you’ve learnt in your careers?

Never be late. You can never make a second first impression.

Have you changed your thoughts on performance in the transition of your career from sportsman to media?

Not at all, the media is just like footy – be on time, come prepared and when it’s time, give all you have. I think footy has helped with my media career in that it has given me an awesome foundation to build on.

How do you work best? Under pressure? Planned down to finite detail?

A bit of both as I like things planned and worked through, but if I’m under pressure I love the “just get it done” motto. If I’m thrown anything, I’ll work it out, work through it and just get it done.

Who has helped you realise your potential?

My wife, Sheree. She is a hard task master but also has given me the time and encouragement to make sure everything is done perfectly.

Join us at the Parkroyal on Beach Road to watch the final two teams light up the MCG on the last day in September.

With five giant screens dominating the room, you won’t miss one specky or “sausage roll snagged from the pocket” at ANZA’s AFL Grand Final event. Book a table, bring your friends and barrack for your favourite team.

All-Australian ruckman, Spida Everitt is flying in especially to share AFL locker-room stories and take us through the game, goal by goal.

To keep fuelled for all the sporting excitement there will be free-flow beer, wine and soft drinks – keep hydrated sports fans – and an exquisite all-day buffet. And rather than half-time oranges and a tough team talk, you can indulge in your favourite Aussie meat pies courtesy of The Butcher.

Also, don’t worry about leaving the kids at home – we have so much laid on for them too! Movies, face-painting, balloon-sculpting, selfies in the photobooth and so much more – plus a nanny to keep the chaos under control! Bring them along and make it a real family day.

Our doors open at 10.00am and the first bounce is at 12.30pm.

All is not over when the final siren sounds either – keep on celebrating with us after the game. We’ll have buses to take you all to Molly Malones for the after party.

Members $145

Non-members $170

Kids 3-11yrs $60

Kids 12-18yrs $75

Tickets available to Austcham, AAS & Singapore Sharks at member price