Declan, Aran and Christopher


Christopher (U14 Snipers)

Christopher starts his ANZA Soccer journey!

“I hardly remember when I started playing with ANZA Soccer, I was so young! I do recall that we played on an overgrown field by the old German school, because Turf City was being redeveloped. I started playing with the Lynx, which became the Snipers. As we got older, I’ve developed friendships with teammates who have stayed in Singapore a long time, like me, as well as with newer players too.
Some seasons we’ve done well, and some seasons we haven’t, but we always have fun together and celebrate each goal like crazy! I love ANZA Soccer because I’m always meeting new friends, and the games are very competitive but don’t feel stressful. I love spending Saturday at Turf City playing soccer with my Snipers teammates!”

Aran (U17 Warriors)

Aran loved ANZA soccer right from the beginning

“ANZA was the start of my soccer experience, but it’s more than just a sports league. I’ve made a lot of friends during my time with the club. Every year, people leave, but new people also join, who reinvigorate my love for soccer. When I was younger, I was a Bobcat, and then our team became Snipers. My favourite memory was an amazing comeback win in the U8 finals, when we went from being three goals down to winning 4-3 in the final minutes! Later our team became the Warriors, and we’ve had mixed success but always lots of fun as a team. I’m still playing with Lucas, Casper, Philippe, Mishka, and Jamie, and we’ve all been at ANZA Soccer since we were little kids playing on the old muddy fields! ANZA Soccer’s more than just a competition, it’s a community. It’s where I go to relax, but also to have exercise, fun, challenges, and great soccer experiences.”

Declan (U17 Gordons) 

Declan has loved the flexibility and fun of ANZA Soccer

“I’ve been playing for ANZA Soccer since I was seven – the club has a great sense of camaraderie and competition. I’ve stayed with my Saturday team, the Gordons (first called the Tigers and then the Snipers) for 10 years, and I’ve developed friendships with kids from many other schools and backgrounds who I otherwise would never have known. My coaches have been open to me trying new positions (I usually play goalie) and learning new strategies.
Some favourite memories of ANZA Soccer include winning the League and Cup with the U14 Gordons, playing in the SEA Cup in Bangkok, and going to team parties with teammates and parents. ANZA Soccer allows me lots of flexibility – with a variety of leagues from the Saturday league to the JSSL league, to outside tournaments. Each season I can match my soccer commitments to the amount of time and effort I can spare. I’m looking forward to playing with the new B18 Young Lions team next season!”