In the latest issue of ANZA magazine, our photographer’s captured all the vibrant colours of Singapore. “Sometimes a splash of colour can catch the eye and brighten a grey day,” says Heidi Hutchison. “This month our ANZA clickers shared some of those colourful moments.”

Coloured Shutters Heidi Hutchison

Coloured Shutters
Heidi Hutchison

“2020 threw up lots of challenges, and it was small moments appreciating the beauty around me that made me smile. Spying these coloured shutters against a vibrant blue sky was one such occasion.”

Ants Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor

“Vibrant colour can be found in macro photography. I shot these busy ants at Kranji Marshes.”

Graffiti Boxes Tara Sims

Graffiti Boxes
Tara Sims

“I love the juxtaposition of the grungy graffiti crates, contrasting so vibrantly with the opulence and extravagance of Orchard Road. There’s also the underlying message of creative recycling in this unusual Christmas Tree at Orchard Gateway.”

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