What are some of the current challenges job seekers face in Singapore?
COVID-19 has created a very challenging work environment globally, and Singapore’s domestic economy has been impacted. However, although 2020 was a turbulent year, many people took time to re-evaluate where they are at in life and start on new and exciting paths in this new world.

What are your tips for getting noticed?
Networking, networking, networking. Be at the forefront of business owners’ minds when hiring gets back in full swing.

How can job seekers make the most of LinkedIn?
In Asia, LinkedIn is considered the most powerful tool when seeking a new role. Headhunters actively use it to recruit for talent, and it pays to update your profile regularly. I recommend attending online courses in mastering the platform, and engaging an expert to makeover your profile.

How important are networking events?
Attend as many events as you possibly can – either in person or digitally. If you’re new to Singapore and unsure about attending an event on your own, treat the event as your new date night and drag your partner along! The ANZA events are a good opportunity to network, along with the various Chamber of Commerce events, such as AusCham and BritCham.

Is it a good idea to contact an employment agency?
Reach out to some of the employment agencies in Singapore and meet for a coffee with recruiters. It’s a great way to get an update on the employment market and current growth industries.

What are your tips for setting up a small business in Singapore?
Do your research on the product, service, and market. Have a short business plan and a budget. There are restrictions on the types of business entities that can be registered and be mindful that hiring local talent to support your business in 2021 is a must.

What’s your advice for DP holders?
There are tighter restrictions on EP approvals. Consider mentioning the option of a Letter Of Consent (LOC) to work for your employer, as this may be a better option for a potential employer, after considering local talent.

What are some thriving industries here?
Healthcare, information technology, education, and industries where you
can assist with a transfer of skill and knowledge to Singaporeans.

What can you do to be job ready in other ways?
Blogging and contributing to local and expat publications in your field of expertise will lift your profile.

Looking for work? Head to ANZA’s Jobs Board at anza.org.sg/jobs for the latest job listings in Singapore.