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“In this global economy – through uncertain times – it’s even more important to be critical and have a solid understanding of the financial world,” says Dr Emiel Eijdenberg, Senior Lecturer in Business at James Cook University (JCU) in Singapore.

With the Bachelor of Commerce – along with its range of majors – JCU aims to establish a firm understanding of the global business environment, while expanding critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as provide students with experience in industry-related projects to prepare them for the fast-paced world of commerce.

The different majors – including Accounting, Banking and Finance, Financial Management, International Trade, and Economics – help to develop specialised skills in specific areas of commerce and enable them to establish a successful career in the industry.

As companies prep for the future and look into optimising their finances, accounting graduates are in demand around the world. The Accounting major offers graduates a wide range of employment opportunities in the public and private sector, including public accounting practice, financial and management accounting, system accountant, financial officer, management consulting and policy advisor.

Students interested in a role in banking and financial institutions may consider the Banking and Finance major, which emphasises critical knowledge that can assist in making decisions that help businesses develop and thrive, even in times of financial uncertainty.

Meanwhile, the Financial Management major provides students with financial expertise – through subjects such as Data Analytics and Business Modelling, Cost Benefit Analysis, and Financial Risk Management – to pursue a broad range of successful careers – including a banker, compliance officer, financial manager, financial analyst, financial planner, and investment analyst.

On the other hand, the International Trade major dives into key issues impacting international trade – for example, trade negotiation, economics, the political economy, international trade law, and an understanding of the key contemporary issues in the field of trade such as emerging trade wars. This allows graduates to find employment opportunities in a wide range of fields, including trade and logistics, banking and finance, management, international business, and economics.

Finally, the Economics major equips students with the knowledge they need to think creatively and deeply about some of the most important economic issues facing the world today and in the near future. The major provides students with the skills needed to apply a variety of theoretical perspectives to issues of economic efficiency, economic growth, international globalisation, wealth and inequality, power, individual freedoms, and environmental concerns.

Ultimately, obtaining a greater understanding of the world of commerce presents so many opportunities, and prepares students for a variety of critical roles in the changing business landscape.

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