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If you have plans to conceive before you travel to/from Singapore (or any other country), attaching international maternity coverage to your health insurance plan is recommended.

No matter where in the world you’ll be, this type of coverage gives you access to first-class maternity services, and doesn’t require you to pay out of pocket. Still unsure? Our friends at Pacific Prime Singapore explain why securing international maternity coverage is a good idea amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. You’ll get coverage for pregnancy-related complications

Pregnancy-related complications can be very costly – especially if the healthcare costs are on the higher side in the country you’re in (such as Singapore). If you’re stuck abroad and complications arise, international maternity coverage gives you access to treatment in the private hospitals and medical facilities of the country you’re in. This is unlike travel insurance.

2. You’ll get to avoid the bureaucratic claims process

The last thing you want to worry about when accessing maternity services is paying hefty fees out of pocket and dealing with a bureaucratic claims process. With international maternity coverage, you’ll get direct billing or cashless treatments, so you can focus solely on receiving care. The insurer typically issues a letter of guarantee (LOG) to the medical facility, which enables the medical facility to bill the insurer directly.

3. You’ll get coverage for COVID-19

Although COVID-19 vaccines are being rolled out across the world, the virus still remains a threat at large. If you or your newborn gets diagnosed with coronavirus after travelling, your insurer will cover the cost of treatment up to the benefits of the plan agreed. What’s more, you have the option to request a proof letter for COVID-19 coverage through your insurer or broker.

Interested in securing international maternity coverage? These types of coverage have a waiting period of 10 to 12 months, so it’s best to secure them sooner rather than later. To learn more about all things maternity, download Pacific Prime’s Singapore Maternity Insurance Guide 2020-2021. Alternatively, you can also contact them for personalised advice and a free quote.