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Defining the brief
To secure the right property, clearly define your specific needs. Not sure what you want? The Brady Marcs team can work with you to determine a clear brief from the outset and are experienced in asking questions that give you a clear and complete picture. Expats should consider the usual property considerations – personal style or taste, location, local amenities, the flow of the floorplan, and the presence of natural light – but also additional needs such as having a strong rental profile to maximise rental yield, scope to renovations, and value for money.

Unique and timely opportunities
One of the key strengths in using the services of a Buyer’s Advisor is access to properties you usually wouldn’t get. Our team have established relationships with a wide network of selling agents across Sydney, allowing direct access to off-market properties and direct lines of communication. We take a thorough and proactive approach for clients, delivering exceptional results that would not otherwise have been possible.

Choosing an area
The most fundamental question when buying property from overseas is knowing where in Sydney to live or invest. Personal factors must be considered, including being close to friends and family, or wanting to explore an entirely new region. In either context, current knowledge and research of neighbourhoods and suburbs becomes essential. The depth of local knowledge held by the Brady Marcs team is invaluable.

Knowing the schools, transport and amenities
Knowing the location of international and private schools can be particularly relevant for expats and is just one of the many areas of expertise that our team can assist with. A good understanding of transport routes and how they align to family needs is a huge factor in decision-making, such as proximity to schools, the CBD, local parks, and family.

Inspections and auctions
Not being able to physically visit an open house or auction can be limiting for expats. Our team members will visit opens on your behalf and provide detailed video walk-throughs, photos, and live video calls.

Bidding at auction
One of the most valuable services we offer is bidding at an auction on behalf of clients. The Brady Marcs team removes emotion from an often highly stressful situation and brings experience in forming a key bidding strategy. Whether in person at a physical auction or online, our team have the expertise to ensure the best outcome while ensuring clear boundaries are established before an auction.

Due diligence
Our team can manage and coordinate all required due diligence on a property, including pest reports, researching local development applications, and accessing Strata reports. We act as a single point of contact for all external professionals during this process.

Facilitating time differences
The Brady Marcs team pride themselves on offering exceptional customer service and always going the extra mile to deliver great results. The team strives to balance the challenges of different time zones and busy work schedules for their clients when communicating.

A smooth transition period
One of the biggest unknowns during an international relocation is the overlap in time between arriving in Australia and being able to move into a home. Even if settlement is fast and the property becomes physically available, furniture can take months to arrive. Our team are experienced in organising short-term accommodation in a similar area. They’ve even arranged for a complete furniture fit-out, ready for clients to move into as soon as they arrive in Sydney. The key is in pre-empting each step of the process with helpful tips, tricks, and professional connections.

Negotiating the contract
Our team are very experienced in successfully negotiating on price and amendments to a sales contract, and managing the process between vendors, selling agents and solicitors. Even if a property is going to auction, terms can be agreed prior to auction should the client be the successful bidder. Brady Marcs helps manage the process to run as smoothly as possible while ensuring the best outcome for clients.

Understanding tax implications
There are many tax considerations for expats, and it’s best to enlist professional help. Brady Marcs can make recommendations of professional accountants and financial advisors who can help demystify any issues. As an independent advisory, our team can offer objective advice and recommendations for choosing professionals unique to your circumstances.

Property management
For any investment property, ensuring trusted Property Management is in place is essential. We offer a range of Property Management solutions to ensure a complete service for our clients.

At the end of the day, buying property from overseas doesn’t need to be stressful. What’s required is a trusted partner and clear, meaningful communication. Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory has an exemplary track record in delivering exceptional results for clients.

If you are an expat returning home, or you are keen to explore investment opportunities while overseas, Brady Marcs is here to help.

For more information, including case studies and resources, or to book an obligation-free video consultation with a member of the Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory team, email lucy@bradymarcs.com.au or visit bradymarcs.com.au/expats.