Abraham Metta ANZA Cycling“Cycling helps to push your fitness, but you can also have a nice chat!”
Abraham Metta, Membership

Abraham Metta is one of the latest additions to the ANZA Cycling Committee looking after membership. An ANZA Cycling member for ten years, here we find out more about him.

Tell us about yourself…
I was born in the US, grew up in Mexico City, and my career took me to Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. It was here that I met my wife and started riding my bike more seriously. We moved to Singapore in 2013, then had a 1.5 year stint in Sao Paolo, Brazil, but now we’re back with our two children, two dogs, and proud to call the little red dot home.

What got you into cycling?
I started cycling as I had my sights on a triathlon. I did a couple in the UK and enjoyed them, but found that cycling was the best part of the experience. It’s just a great activity, where you get to push your fitness, but you can also have a nice chat with a group of people at the same time – unless you’re in the really fast groups!

Why ANZA Cycling?
Before moving to Singapore, I searched online for the best groups for cycling and discovered a few different organisations. When I read about ANZA, I liked the sound of the spirit of the club. On my first weekend I joined the Mandai 28 and almost passed out!

What do you most enjoy about the group?
The main reason to ride with ANZA is the people. During the pandemic, ANZA Cycling was a real sanity saver. There was always someone to ride with, no matter what the rules of the moment were, and it gave us all the opportunity to get out safely and clear our minds.

What are your plans as you head up membership?
I’m looking forward to helping the team take our membership system to the next level. My hope is to make it easier for people to join and manage their membership, as well as understand what the benefits are.


Nicolette Tan, Treasurer “I want to be a part of the team that keeps this community alive”
Nicolette Tan, Treasurer

Nicolette Tan was born and grew up in Singapore, with a few years living in the UK and Italy. As Treasurer, she hopes to expand the social side of the club.

Tell us about yourself…
I came across ANZA Cycling when I signed up for Tour de Bintan 2019 for a lark – even though I didn’t know what I was doing at the time! The people at the event from ANZA were so encouraging and supportive, they invited me to check them out back in Singapore.

What got you into cycling?
To be honest, I don’t know how I found myself here! I was a kid with a greater love for kebabs than abs! I did a bit of sport when I was at uni, but I mostly picked up cycling just to get to the supermarket from my partner’s home when living in Italy.

Why did you decide to stand as Treasurer?
I absolutely love the community within ANZA Cycling. In the same way I was welcomed, I want to be a part of the team that keeps this community alive and to welcome others.

What ideas are you currently working on?
One of the best things about ANZA Cycling is the social aspect. It was through the breakfasts and drinks that I met a lot of people, many of whom were strong and seasoned racers who encouraged me to push myself during rides. Now the Covid-era is winding down, I would love to grow the social fabric of the group, whether through improving the traditional breakfasts and drinks, or exploring opportunities for club trips and activities.


lily low, Road Director“ANZA had a more visible and active number of female cyclists”
Lily Low, Road Director

Lily has been with ANZA Cycling for over two years. During that time, she has helped to grow the community, and continues to be a strong advocate for inclusivity of the community she serves.

Tell us about yourself…
I was born in the UK and spent most of my life growing up in Asia. It was my career that brought me to Singapore four years ago. Other than ANZA Cycling, I’m also a member of the German Dragons Singapore, a local expat dragon boat club.

What got you into cycling?
When the pandemic hit, my passions of playing rugby and going to the gym were no longer possible so I looked for alternative activities. A running injury led to my physio recommending cycling to me, and the rest is history.

Why us?
I initially reached out to ANZA Cycling on Facebook because they had a more visible and active number of female cyclists. Fast forward two years and I race in ANZA club colours regularly and have podiumed at some local events. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the occasional social café ride!

What do you most enjoy?
Solo rides are great if you’re on a training ride working towards a specific goal, but group rides are also just as satisfying if you’re looking for an extra bit of motivation to get out of bed early.

What are your plans as Road Director?
My biggest priority is supporting the committee to ensure that ANZA Cycling remains inclusive, and that we continue to cater for road riders of all skills and abilities. I was once that newbie who couldn’t ride with cleats. Now I intend to give back to the community that helped me to become a more confident rider. I’m looking forward to welcoming more people to riding, feeling confident in pelotons, and ensuring that there’s always a ride available for everyone.

Together Through Brekkie

Our monthly club breakfasts have been gaining in popularity as the year has progressed and pandemic restrictions have eased. In August and September, one hundred hungry ANZA Cyclists finished their Saturday rides at Tanamera Coffee Robertson Quay (August) and Blue Balls Bike Cafe in Pasir Panjang (September). We refuelled with buffet spreads and vats of coffee – essentials for any successful session we think!

To find out more about ANZA Cycling email membership@anzacycling.com