How to Choose a Hat

Artistic Director of The Girl With a Hat Lisa Bohrer gives advice on how to find a hat that flatters. I quite often hear from my clients: “I don't look really good in hats”. Actually it’s...

AIS Hosts Third Annual Women in Leadership Conference

The Australian International School hosted the third annual Women in Educational Leadership Conference with the theme ‘Talk to Action.’ The conference was attended by 80 women from different schools across Singapore, many of whom...

Singapore’s HDB History

Behind Singapore's public housing sucess story

ANZA Melbourne Cup Race Day

Post event wrap up, ANZA Melbourne Cup Race Day event 2018

Hear Ali Cobby Eckermann at SWF

Are you looking forward to sharing your poetry with a Singapore audience? Yes, it’s my first time to visit Singapore, and I’m super excited. It’s always an exciting privilege to share my poetry with new...

Cool Condo

We check out a Leedon Heights condo in Holland Village, with soaring glass windows, green views and a balcony lap pool.