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ANZA Magazine April 2018

The Mindfullness Issue

Cycling for Cycles

ANZA Cycling Member Liesbeth Kanis shares the story behind the bicycle fundraiser helping to stop malaria in its tracks.

Back in the Swing

The 2018 ANZA Cricket season returns to speed says Clive Tilbrook.
ANZA Athletics in Singapore

What Mum Said Next

Lucy James talks to an ANZA Athletics Mum, Fiona Zdun.

7 Tips to de-clutter and maximise the space in your home

We all enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that comes with having a neat, ordered home that reflects our style and tastes. With the increasing popularity of shows on maximising homes spaces,...

Penang Palate

TUCKERBOX COLUMNIST: Raelene Tan shares her love of the 'Pearl of the Orient'.
Lee Carsely ANZA's Wandering Yogi, yogae teacher and meditator

Deep Thought

WANDERING YOGI COLUMNIST: Lee Carsley visits a silent retreat for some deep reflection - but not all meditation paths need to delve so deep.