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Christmas dinner menus in Singapore for 2022

Christmas dinner menus for festive feasting in Singapore for 2022

How to choose your cheese!

Where to get cheese in Singapore and what cheese to buy.

Hotspots: Nobu Singapore

Does Nobu Singapore live up to its reputation? Read on for our review.

Where to celebrate Father’s Day 2022 in Singapore

Father's Day takes place in Singapore this Sunday. Here's where to treat the top man in your life to some dude food.

The TCM food delivery prioritising good gut health

This new food service based on Traditional Chinese Medicine creates tasty meals to promote good gut health. Read on.

Enjoy Easter brunch, lunch & evening dining in Singapore

Enjoy Easter brunch, lunch & evening dining at these restaurants in Singapore who are pulling out all the stops for the celebrations.

Singapore restaurants serving Spanish to Latin American food

Whatever your food craving, you know that there'll be a Singapore restaurant for you. As a multiracial society and home to expats from all around the world, finding your favourite food may not always...

Festive Feasting with The Fishwives!

Enjoy an unforgettable festive feast with delicious treats from The Fishwives. It’s the perfect place to find all your favourite food items for the holiday period…and a few new naughty ones too!

Christmas Dining Out Guide

Wondering what on earth to do for Christmas brunch, lunch or dinner? Here are some festive feasts to celebrate this special time of year.

Bake Ahead Christmas Cake

To get into the spirit there is nothing better than starting early and soaking the fruit for a spicy, aromatic Christmas cake well ahead of time. For a fool proof recipe try this one from the New Zealand Edmonds Cookbook.