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Thursday, May 6, 2021

New International School: Brighton College (Singapore)

Paul Wilson is the Head Master at Brighton College (Singapore), which is scheduled to open its new campus in August. Paul shares his plans for the Singapore offshoot of the acclaimed British school.

Benefits of Sleep and Exercise for Your Children

Avondale Grammar School’s Assistant Principal and Head of Preschool and Junior School, Maria Lindblom, shares some tips to keep your child fit and alert at school. The importance of sleep and exercise for childrenAs most...

STEAM Education at CIS: Equipping students with essential skills to succeed in the future

STEAM at CIS is an interdisciplinary teaching approach that stands for science, technology, entrepreneurship, arts and maths. It plays an integral part of our school curriculum and equips each student with essential skills (collaboration,...

Outdoor Learning Rules!

Amanda Saunders, Junior Kindergarten teacher at Canadian International School, explains why exploring nature should be an integral part of a child’s education. No matter the age of your child or the subject they’re exploring, Canadian...

JCU: The Place for Gaming Enthusiasts

The Singapore campus of James Cook University (JCU) offers unique opportunities to discover the world of video games and to level up game development skills.

Dulwich College (Singapore) and the IB Diploma

How Dulwich College (Singapore) and the IB Diploma are preparing students for living and succeeding in a complex, highly connected world.

AIS Student Tops the World in IGCSE Economics

AIS Student Jonathon achieves Top in the World Economics result for IGCSE Economics in Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award

Deciphering Reggio Emilia

There are more options to a child’s education than ever before – especially in early childhood. Increasingly educational philosophies tend towards a holistic approach which gives equal weight to artistic, physical and emotional endeavours...

AIS makes every moment special with Storypark

The Australian International School has partnered with Storypark to introduce an App for parents which allows them to relive the important moments that happen in the school day and to feel more involved with...

Jayne Nadarajoo: Creating Unique Learning Environments for Children

Jayne Nadarajoo is the Founding Director of White Lodge Education Group Services which has eight Kindergartens in Singapore, Melbourne Specialist International School, ASPIRE vocational centre for special needs education and The Pantry at Loewen...