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Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Alan Cheung from International Orthopaedic Clinic (IOC), is a sports fanatic who patches up regular clients, alongside elite rugby players, cyclists, wrestlers, and martial artists. Ringside Manner
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How to Avoid Weekend Warrior Injuries

We asked Dr Neil Forrest from Osler Health International what common 'weekend warrior' injuries he sees in his clinic, along with tips on how to lower your risk of hobbling into Monday.

3 reasons to get international maternity coverage during Covid

Pregnancy and giving birth can be an emotional rollercoaster. Navigating a new country and unfamiliar healthcare system as an expat can make the process a lot more daunting and expensive. Add the COVID-19 pandemic to the mix and the verdict is clear: international maternity coverage is a lifesaver.
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Family Mental Health Check-in

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a marked increase in patients seeking support for mental health, many for the first time. We’re also seeing an increase in teenagers and children in the clinic, with parents...

The Australia-Singapore travel bubble and what you need to know about pre-departure tests

We are all keen to visit our loved ones back in Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, the recent talk about Singapore and Australia opening a travel bubble in the middle of the year is...

How to Beat Allergies in Singapore

Allergies can be more than a daily irritant. Long term allergic reactions can lead to sinus infections, temporary hearing loss and even sleep disturbances. Dr Sundus Morgan from IMC gives us the low down on allergies and how to manage them.

How COVID-19 is affecting your dental health

Did you know that the stress and disruption of COVID-19 has impacted our dental health? Dr Clara Gibson from Expat Dental explains.

Dealing with Airborne Viruses in Singapore

Rentokil offers a range of cutting-edge air purification innovations to minimise disease transmission. Find out how you can purify your environment.  

3 Health Insurance Renewal Tips

For many, January is a time of renewal for many things contract-related. If you’re on the fence about renewing your insurance policy for another year, our friends at Pacific Prime Singapore take a look at three important things to consider.

Does health or dental insurance cover orthodontic care?

Fixing your dental problems can do more than increase your confidence. Straight teeth and proper alignment can improve your oral health by reducing the chance of gum disease. However, if you’ve ever looked into...