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Friday, February 26, 2021

3 Health Insurance Renewal Tips

For many, January is a time of renewal for many things contract-related. If you’re on the fence about renewing your insurance policy for another year, our friends at Pacific Prime Singapore take a look at three important things to consider.

Does health or dental insurance cover orthodontic care?

Fixing your dental problems can do more than increase your confidence. Straight teeth and proper alignment can improve your oral health by reducing the chance of gum disease. However, if you’ve ever looked into...

Surviving 2020 Through Clenched Teeth

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, dentists worldwide have reported higher incidences of broken and cracked teeth due to the increased stress and anxiety people are experiencing. Expat Dental’s Dr Clara Gibson explains the symptoms and treatment.

Signs of Depression & Stress in Men

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many mental health challenges, especially for men. Dr Neil Forrest, a British trained GP based at IMC Camden looks at how to spot the signs of stress, depression and anxiety and when to seek help.

Save Money on Maternity Costs in Singapore

Not only does maternity insurance help offset the high costs of delivering a baby here, but it ensures high-quality care as well. With these helpful tips from our friends at Pacific Prime Singapore, you can make your money go even further.

Flying Safely During COVID-19

The prospect of flying is still daunting for many families, but for some of us it’s unavoidable. Dr Gina Dahel, a pediatric trained doctor based at IMC Children’s, offers advice for keeping your kids and family safe in transit.  

Out and About with ANZA Kill-o-Metres

ANZA's walking group, the Kill-o-Metres, have been enjoying the delights of Singapore this week with both day and evening strolls.

Expat Dental Webinar – Caring for your Child’s Teeth

Have you been wondering whether your child needs braces? Or do you have questions on caring for your children’s teeth? Join Dr Clara Gibson from Expat Dental for a free webinar as she offers...

Public vs. private hospitals in Singapore

Singapore consistently tops the charts when it comes to healthcare services provided in both its public and private sector. Before you decide on the best option for you, find out the key differences between the two.

Dengue – What You Need to Know

Singapore is on track to record its worst dengue outbreak this year. Dr Hina Kadwani, a UK trained doctor based at IMC Jelita, reveals more about the disease, symptoms to look for, and how to protect yourself from infection.