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Friday, January 22, 2021

Which is better: an individual or family health plan?

For expats working and living in Singapore, health insurance is an important matter to consider, especially when healthcare costs in the Lion City are among the highest in the region. While many companies offer private...

How to Cope When Friends Leave Singapore

How do you cope when your social connections are constantly splintering and you’re continually saying goodbye to departing friends? There’s no magic bullet to alleviating the heartache of regular farewells here in Singapore, says Kim Forrester, but there are steps you can take to mitigate the loss.

Boosting your child’s mental wellbeing in Singapore

All parents in Singapore want their children to grow up happy and strong. Consuming the right food and getting enough exercise can help with your child’s physical health, but what can you do as...

White teeth for Christmas?

This may be a good time to think about getting your teeth whitened before your social Christmas merry-go-round! People often come to Smilefocus unsure of what teeth whitening options are available and what the...

Health Warning: Polio Outbreak in the Philippines

The World Health Organisation has confirmed that there is currently an outbreak of Polio in the Philippines, but there are steps you can take to stay safe.

Interview: Wellness Warrior Natalie Dau

Aussie Spartan star Natalie Dau is currently training for a 100km ultra marathon and is the creator of The Daily Escape, a health and fitness platform, and the Rockstar Fit training app. She talks to ANZA about motherhood, balance, and the small wellness fixes that make a difference.

Teen Depression – When to Seek Help

The teen years can be tough, but love, guidance and support go a long way. Dr Arti Jaiswal from IMC Paediatric gives advice on spotting the signs of depression in young adults, and how you can support your teen to seek help and start a potentially life-saving conversation.

Why is Health Insurance for Kids Important?

Singapore boasts arguably one of the best public healthcare systems in the world. Having said that, parents in the city-state are also faced with the question of whether to buy a private medical insurance...

When should you head to the A&E department?

Admission to A&E departments is for patients with serious and life-threatening conditions. Find out if you need to head to emergency, or to your medical clinic.
Measles Vaccine

Measles – Should You Be Concerned?

With measles cases on the rise, Dr Charu from IMC gives advice on preventing the spread of the disease. What is the difference between measles, mumps and rubella? Measles, mumps and rubella are all caused by...