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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Unique Singapore Activities

Have you done Gardens by the Bay and the National Gallery a thousand times? If you’re looking for something new to do in Singapore, KAROLA CLARK has the solution.

Kids Guide to Singapore

At just 16 years old, Gelyn Ong is a published author, philanthropist, and talented visual artist. Her latest project is Kidz Explore Singapore, a guidebook to the Lion City, written by kids, for kids. Gelyn has pledged to donate 100% of her royalties to the Children For Children (CFC) charity event. ANZA talked to the Raffles Girls’ School student about how the book came about.

Watching the pros play

ANZA Soccer enjoyed a night of cheering on Home United at the recent RHB Singapore Cup Final, says Cara D’Avanzo. It was a dark and stormy night. The rain pounded down, and the traffic around...
Children's Health

3 ways to support your child’s creative thinking

Raising your child to be creative is easier than you may think. There are countless ways to develop your child’s creativity, which offer many health, social, emotional benefits. To help out, the experts at...

Speech & Language Therapy for Kids

Melanie Muttitt is a therapist for Treetop Therapy Centre - a speech and language therapy clinic that works with children, families and schools in Singapore. “I’ve always wanted to work in a profession helping children and families,” says Melanie. “I’m also passionate about communication - everybody deserves to have a voice.”

Splash and Play Zones

With Singapore’s consistently warm humid weather, pack the kid’s swimmers and towel for a spot of water play. It will give the extra fun factor to a shopping expedition or a day of sightseeing.   Here we list some options for...

Dover Court Outdoor Education Programme

Dover Court International School believes that outdoor education and expeditions are integral to a well-rounded education.

Finding Leaders

Scouting inspired 2nd ANZA Scouts to take on more responsibilities, like working together to help direct a pilot to fly light aircraft. ANZA Scouts is a self-development platform for youth that emphasises on having fun...

Summer Camp In Thailand

Live Learn Play or Computer Screen? Consider iCamp Thailand, the first and only American-style residential summer camp in Thailand, for kids ages 8 to 16. iCamp is a unique, American-style summer overnight camp – the first...

Stop the Rot: Preventing Tooth Decay in Kids

Dr Yasmin Huber from Dental Essence gives practical and straightforward advice on maintaining your kid’s dental health and preventing cavities.