Managing COVID-19 Anxiety During an International Move

It’s natural that moving overseas during a global pandemic would lead to feelings of fear and anxiety, especially with children and pets involved. Sir Move has some handy tips on how to remain calm, stay safe, and have a peaceful international moving experience.

Plan Ahead to Protect Your Family  

The current world we live in is unprecedented, with most of us trying to stay home to ensure we are protected from COVID-19. You might feel blindsided by the crisis, but this is a good opportunity to reassess, plan ahead, and prepare your family for the future.

What to Consider When Buying Property in Australia

If you are considering buying property in Australia – be it residential or commercial, owner occupied or as an investment, Cohen Handler Property Buyers Agency can help you find the right property – at the right price.

Speech & Language Therapy for Kids

Melanie Muttitt is a therapist for Treetop Therapy Centre - a speech and language therapy clinic that works with children, families and schools in Singapore. “I’ve always wanted to work in a profession helping children and families,” says Melanie. “I’m also passionate about communication - everybody deserves to have a voice.”

Affordable smaller shipments to Australia & New Zealand

Heading home and looking for a cost effective solutions for a smaller shipment? There are ways to get around forking out for a full container...

Does my expat health insurance cover COVID-19?

Like many concerned expats, you might be wondering if your health insurance covers COVID-19, both in Singapore and abroad. Fortunately, the team of experts from Pacific Prime Singapore has the answer.

Planet Friendly Furniture

Setting up a home in Singapore and want to adopt, not shop? Jonathan Roelandts, MD of Soul & Tables and Flexisnug, offers affordable, sustainable furniture rentals.

How are health insurance premiums calculated?

When looking to purchase health insurance, you’ll find that premiums for different plans can vary greatly. But why is this? Read on to find out how health insurance premiums are calculated and pick up tips on how you can lower your premium when looking to buy private health insurance in Singapore.

Decluttering Before an International Move

You don't have to be a Marie Kondo to achieve the perfect tidy and organised space before you depart to a new home overseas or head back home.

Which is better: an individual or family health plan?

For expats working and living in Singapore, health insurance is an important matter to consider, especially when healthcare costs in the Lion City are among the highest in the region. While many companies offer private...