Planet Friendly Furniture

Setting up a home in Singapore and want to adopt, not shop? Jonathan Roelandts, MD of Soul & Tables and Flexisnug, offers affordable, sustainable furniture rentals.

How are health insurance premiums calculated?

When looking to purchase health insurance, you’ll find that premiums for different plans can vary greatly. But why is this? Read on to find out how health insurance premiums are calculated and pick up tips on how you can lower your premium when looking to buy private health insurance in Singapore.

Decluttering Before an International Move

You don't have to be a Marie Kondo to achieve the perfect tidy and organised space before you depart to a new home overseas or head back home.

Which is better: an individual or family health plan?

For expats working and living in Singapore, health insurance is an important matter to consider, especially when healthcare costs in the Lion City are among the highest in the region. While many companies offer private...

Newbies Guide to Singapore

Just landed at Changi? Welcome! Seasoned expat Karola Clark offers tried and tested tips for making the most of life in Singapore.

Three Years of Brexit, what next?

Three years of Brexit and after years of debate and campaigning England remains at an impasse. The experts from WorldFirst discuss Brexit and its far-reaching implications for the Sterling and the global economy. Three years...

Tips to Avoid Moving Day Stress

The Australian moving season is just around the corner. Every year between December and February, students, families, and single professionals will begin their relocation journey - either back home, to a new job or...

Three Things You Need To Know About Hospital Insurance

Emergency hospital insurance in Singapore is one of the most critical benefits. Having a solid hospital insurance policy in place ensures you have access to emergency care without having to worry about potentially exorbitant...

Australian Mortgage Solutions With HSBC Singapore

Looking for more savings and flexibility for your Australian home loan? HSBC has a new international mortgage solution, which offers competitive interest rates, choice of loan currency, flexible loan tenor, and a wide coverage of locations.

Singapore Community Clubs: Cheap Fitness Classes & more!

Want to learn Mandarin, find a cheap fitness class or learn a unique new craft? Singapore’s Community Clubs should be your first stop.