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Ask the Expert: Key tips for planning your family’s financial future

How expats can keep their family finances safe for the future
Select Investor SepOct 22

“Why do I make the wrong timing decisions on investing?”

David Reynolds, Senior Partner at Select Investors, explains the "Buy HIgh, Sell Low" school of thinking.
Odin mortgage

Let’s Talk: Why a broker is best

Where to get help when securing or refinancing a mortgage in Australia.

Make your small business successful from the start

Read on for how to make your business start up a success.

How can I best diversify my financial investments?

Jamie Burgmann, Partner at Select Investors, answers a reader’s question about reducing financial risk.
Odin Mortage: Interest rates

Homes & Loans: Let’s talk Australian interest rates

When it comes to investment rates, to say things are on the up is an understatement. The last time the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) increased rates was back in November 2010. On 7...

9 tips for end-of-year Australian tax planning 2022

Australian expatriate tax planning needs to be completed by 30 June. Here are some tips and tricks to help with the tax planning process.

7 tips to negotiate your Australian home loan

The Australian home loan market is highly competitive, but don’t feel discouraged. To strike a successful deal you just need a little preparation, say the experts at Odin Mortgage.

Your Guide to Financing Property in Australia

While the rules may have changed for Australian expats wanting to obtain a mortgage for property investment at home, it is still possible. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Basics of Investing in Singapore Real Estate

Singapore boasts reliable infrastructure, a low crime rate and is an international hub for many foreign investors. Subsequently the property market has been quite a lure for both foreign investors and expatriates who are settling here. The experts at Condosale.sg offer insights into buying a property as an expat.