Planet Friendly Furniture

Setting up a home in Singapore and want to adopt, not shop? Jonathan Roelandts, MD of Soul & Tables and Flexisnug, offers affordable, sustainable furniture rentals.

Surviving COVID-19 with Teens at Home

The current pandemic is unprecedented for us all and although the physical risk is less extreme for teenagers, their mental wellbeing may well be affected. Dr Gina Dahel, a paediatric doctor based at IMC Children’s, offers advice on getting them through this unsettling time.

Sustainable Vanilla

New Zealander Jennifer Boggiss is the CEO and Co-Founder of Heilala Vanilla, a company that works in partnership with a farming community in Tonga to produce world leading vanilla products. She talks to ANZA about how the social enterprise started 15 years ago.

Check Out: Green Singapore

Singapore might be a bustling, high density city, but there are many pockets of green space and businesses that celebrate sustainability. Treat yourself and the planet this month and visit some of these eco spots around the island.

ANZA Magazine April 2020

Green Issue - Planet Friendly Furniture, Plant-Based Burgers, Green Living Ideas, Sustainable Shopping, Zero Carbon Eateries, Eco Activities


AGM: Meet the New Executive Committee

ANZA has held its Annual General Meeting, with a small group of members saying farewell to outgoing President PJ Roberts and welcoming in new President Adam Martin and Vice President Megan Kinder. 

Farewell PJ!

After 12 years as ANZA President, PJ Roberts steps down and hands the reins to Adam Martin.

ANZA Nippers Head to Palawan Beach

Nippers has a new home on Palawan Beach to make friends, learn surf lifesaving skills and preserve their beautiful natural environment. New Nippers co-chairperson Macushla Londeman reports.

How to Join ANZA Cycling

Megan Kinder outlines the best way to join ANZA Cycling, including the Induction Ride and what it’s all about…