Cat Welfare Society – Fighting for Felines

What does CWS do? CWS advocates for the humane management of community cats, through sterilisation (not culling) and responsible cat ownership. We are the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) mediation partner to amicably...

Singapore’s Best Breakfast Cafes!

From perfect pancakes to the best egg's benedict, here's our pick of Singapore's best brunch cafes

Swing, Splash, Shoot and Sail

Suit up, shape up. If you’re looking to give some new sports a go – from teams to one-offs – there’s a heap of places to hit up, Gerard Ward finds. Archery Archery Club of Singapore542...

Affordable Maldives

Visit the Maldives on the cheap, without skimping on food, diving and private island experiences.

Desert Nights

Dubai is much more than a stopover destination – and has much greater depth than the pomp and the ceremony that surrounds it. Charley Larcombe shares recommendations from her former home.

Travel: Penang for Foodies

Penang is one of Asia’s hottest gourmet escapes - check out inventive eateries, street eats, cooking schools and fine-dining restaurants.

Hopful Artists

Singapore’s latest microbreweries are brewing all sorts of suds under the radar of the bigger labels, Gerard Ward says. The 1925 Microbrewery & Restaurant 369 Jalan Besar, 2089976294 Jalan Besar is fast becoming the chic area...
Stand-up comic Sam See will be at ANZA's Hilarity for Charity event.

Game for a Laugh

Meet Mr. Sam See, stand-up and improv' comic - and the MC for ANZA's Hilarity for Charity eventnext month.
Bali escape for ANZA Magazine

And Relax…

Mathilde Dujardin escapes city life to unwind for a long weekend in Bali.

Tech a Look at This

Whether through gears or gadgetry, Singapore’s been pretty future-focused with these new, fun activities, Gerard Ward says. With kids having their faces buried in smartphones, there has to be a better way to get them...