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Sunday, October 17, 2021
Fashion advice column in Singapore

A Seasonal Refresh

MAD ABOUT FASHION COLUMNIST: Beck Dahl says a lack of seasons in Singapore doesn't mean you can't update your wardrobe.

Banish Busy-ness!

KIM FORRESTER learns the benefits of slowing down and saying no.
Learning from children by Soul Fuel's Kim Forrester

Lessons From The Children

SOUL FUEL COLUMNIST: Kim Forrester shares five things we can learn from youngsters.
Soul Fuel Columnist, Kim Forrester

Travel for Wellbeing

SOUL FUEL COLUMNIST: Book a holiday that heals you this month encourages Kim Forrester.

Singapore Stories: Karien van Ditzhuijzen

ANZA member Karien van Ditzhuijzen recently published A Yellow House (monsoonbooks.co.uk) Set in Singapore, it tells the story of ten-year-old Maya, who helps ill-treated domestic workers. Karien also edited My Voice at Home (myvoiceathome.org),...

Overcoming Homesickness

Missing home? Kim Forrester offers advice for surviving homesickness and the longing to return to our roots.

Tips for buying an Australian Investment Property

Tristan Perry, Head of Tax, Australia at Select Investors Australia, answers a reader question about the right time to buy an Australian investment property.

How to: Kitchen Makeover

Interiors guru Juliet Harper offers tips for decluttering your kitchen and adding some flair to your glassware and storage.
Discover great tailors in Singapore to update your wardobe says fashion stylist Beck Dahl

Sartorial Nip & Tuck

MAD ABOUT FASHION COLUMNIST: Beck Dahl looks to start the year with a wardrobe cleanse - recommending tailors to make the old, new.
Mad About Fashion ANZA Columnist Beck Dahl

Wear What You Love

MAD ABOUT FASHION COLUMNIST: Beck Dahl offers tips on keeping your clothes in mint condition whilst doing your bit for the environment.