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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Spotlight On: ANZA 9 Hole Golf

We talk to self-confessed golf nutter Sarah Crane about the ANZA Golf group and what they’re all about.


Thanks to the hard work and team spirit of the ANZA Singapore Nippers Committee, the 2021 season 2 started with a mighty splash on Sunday 10 September.
ANZA Singapore Nippers

Nippers Eco Project Update

As part of their commitment to be more sustainable and eco-conscious, ANZA Singapore Nippers has continued its collaboration with Java Eco Project to repurpose and upcycle their discarded season’s rash tops, swim caps and flags. Find out more...
ANZA Netball Camp June2021

Netball Camp Holiday Fun

Over the recent holidays, ANZA Netball held camps at Kallang Netball Centre. Michelle Adamson reports.
ANZA Cycling

Return To Racing & A New Tri Director!

With a return to racing and a new Triathlon Director, Megan Kinder reports on ANZA Cycling’s recent news.
ANZA Soccer Virtual Plat

ANZA Soccer Dominates in Fantasy Football!

ANZA Soccer players found a new way to enjoy their favourite sport – fantasy football! 37 ANZA Soccer players bonded with teammates during the Euro 2020 tournament. Now all players can join the 2021–22 Fantasy Premier League!
ANZA Wombettes

ANZA Wombats Are Here to Stay!

Ben Adams reports on the ever-changing landscape of playing footy in Singapore during the pandemic and how the Wombats and Wombettes are burrowing in for the long haul!  
ANZA Nippers

Pivoting During Covid

Rinka Perez reports on the many challenges faced by the ANZA Singapore Nippers in the past 18 months.
ANZA Soccer

New Club Kit

ANZA Cycling is celebrating its 20-year anniversary with a special shout-out on this year’s kit. Megan Kinder reports.  


ANZA Netball has been delivering fun, friendship and fitness to young players in Singapore for 20 years. Find out what makes their programme so popular.