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Saturday, January 22, 2022

ANZA Netball: Giving back with Billie!

Meet Billie, ANZA Netball committee member and all-round top scorer when it comes to dedicating her time, effort and skills as a group volunteer.

Riding into 2022 with ANZA Cycling

New cycling rules, a new app for improved communication, and a lovely new Membership Co-ordinator. By Megan Kinder.

Anza Soccer brings it home with FA Cup success!

ANZA Soccer did us all proud at the JSSL Singapore 4 vs 4 FA Cup tournament with some thrilling games and impressive wins.

ANZA Netball: Pivoting into action

The new season of ANZA Netball scored a day full of sunshine and a new slew of willing volunteers to assist with social distancing challenges. Both were most welcome!

ANZA Cycling: What happened at the Singapore Cycling Federation’s TTT

Megan Kinder meets new Cycling Committee Road Director Jock Hughson, and we find out how the ANZA teams fared at the OCBC Team Time Trial 2021.

ANZA Nippers: Diving back in to a new season

ANZA Singapore Nippers may have been thrown unexpected rips and tides thanks to Covid-19, but they mustered up the motivation to wade through the waves and start again.

ANZA Soccer: A league of their own

From the pitch to going pro, Cara D’Avanzo highlights four players whose time at ANZA Soccer has catapulted them into the spotlight here and around the world.

ANZA Netball – fun, skills and friendship

ANZA Netball has been delivering fun, friendship and fitness to young players in Singapore for 20 years. Find out what makes their programme so popular.

Spotlight On: ANZA 9 Hole Golf

We talk to self-confessed golf nutter Sarah Crane about the ANZA Golf group and what they’re all about.


ANZA Cycling has become legendary in Singapore for its strong community, safety code and incredible riding opportunities. Find out about the different offerings from their road, tri and off road groups.