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Friday, June 2, 2023

Carnival magic at ANZA Netball

The netball carnival gave some of our youngest ANZA Netball girls their first opportunity to play

ANZA Netball: Tournament times!

What went down at ANZA Accelerator, a friendly tournament for non-league age netball players

Future looks bright for ANZA Netball

ANZA Netball completed 2022 with netball leagues and tournaments - and now there's no stopping them!

ANZA Netball: Meet our pro player!

We meet new ANZA Netball Committee member, professional netball player Emma Bibby
ANZA Netball

ANZA Netball: It’s time to carnival!

We love starting our netball players young, so it was exciting when some of the youngest ANZA Netball players were offered the chance to enter a competition over the summer. Centaurs Netball hosted a...

End of season high for ANZA Netball

Michelle Adamson reports on how ANZA Netball were fortunate to celebrate the final session.
ANZA Netball

Holding court with ANZA Netball

Netball competitions are back in Singapore and our ANZA Netball players have returned to league games.

ANZA Netball: Giving back with Billie!

Meet Billie, ANZA Netball committee member and all-round top scorer when it comes to dedicating her time, effort and skills as a group volunteer.

ANZA Netball: Pivoting into action

The new season of ANZA Netball scored a day full of sunshine and a new slew of willing volunteers to assist with social distancing challenges. Both were most welcome!
ANZA Netball Camp June2021

Netball Camp Holiday Fun

Over the recent holidays, ANZA Netball held camps at Kallang Netball Centre. Michelle Adamson reports.