Tapas for Everyday Life

ANZA WanderingYogi Meditation Sangha

WEDNESDAY 1 NOVEMBER – 13 DECEMBER 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Yoga on the Deck (YOTD), 32 Taman Warna, Holland Village

“Tapas means deep meditation, effort to achieve self-realization, sometimes involving solitude, hermitism or asceticism; it is derived from the word root tap which depending on context means “heat” from fire or weather, or blaze, burn, shine, penance, pain, suffering, mortification; OR a variety of small dishes, hot and cold, best accompanied by sangria LOL.”
– WanderingYogi.

“We need a community, and a master, we need to practice,
and we need to feel safe”
– comment from past participant in Tapas for Everyday Meditation

In conjunction with Laura Dobberstein Yoga, ANZA and the WanderingYogi are pleased to introduce a weekly meditation sangha – community.

Once a week, for 6 weeks, Wednesday 6.00 – 7 00 pm, WanderingYogi/Dobberstein open the sala for a community of likeminded practitioners of meditation to practice, deepen and share their knowledge.

The group will go into temporary ‘hibernation during Xmas and resume again mid January 2018.

Direct experience of meditation and mindfulness is the best way to learn the how to and the what.  We all know meditation has loads of benefits (, and this sangha enables us to practice, with diligence, self-awareness, and patience.

“There is so much energy inside ourselves.  Don’t even worry about the environment. Either wasted or ignored.  Learning how to touch this, make it flow has changed me – happier, more peaceful than I have ever been.” – Lee Carsley, WanderingYogi.


Practice will be led by knowledgeable and sometimes irreverent Lee Carsley, (

What to expect?

The session will involve practical tips on aspect of meditation (seat, posture, breath, sound), group meditation practice of 25 minutes (a bit more depending upon the group energy), and then opportunity for group discussion on any topic around meditation that interests them.

This is a sangha, people from all meditation practices are welcome, all ‘levels’. See you on the seat.

Sangha participation and fee

Due to size of the sala, we have a limit of 12 people.

You can purchase 1, 2 or as many sessions as you like.

ANZA members: $25 per practice or $150 for 6 practices. Click here to Join ANZA!
ANZA non-members: $30 per practice or $180 for 6 practices


PLEASE NOTE: Our goal is to build a sangha, not a yoga studio (we already have this).
This means we need to encourage people to regularly meditate together and reward those who do so.

Priority will be given to those who purchase the 6 sangha pack. Those who do purchase the 6 sangha pack will also have the option of priority seating in the sangha when it commences in mid January 2018.

PS. If we are oversubscribed, we will definitely put on another meditation group in the week.