Soccer – Adults | ANZA

The ANZA Lions adults’ soccer team played its first match in November 2009. The Team started as an initiative of parents whose children were playing soccer in the ANZA International Junior Soccer League and has now transformed into a multi-national group of soccer-loving adults who participate in the ESPZEN Vets league on Saturdays afternoons typically 3pm or 5pm on Pitches throughout the Island, the vets league runs for two seasons a year, with the first from Mar-Aug, with 8-10 teams in the league with a minimum of 14 games per season.

The ANZA Lions Vets team today is made up of players aged between from early-30s to mid-50s who enjoy a competitive game of football at the weekend, whilst also enjoying the social side of being in a team. For the Lions this includes team drinks, attendance at sporting events (e.g. the Singapore 7’s) and participation in overseas tours. The ANZA Lions competed in the Phuket 7’s and the Bangkok 7’s last year and will return to Phuket in November.

If the sound of the Vets appeals to you and you are keen to pull on the boots for a competitive game at the weekend come and join us.

League fees are $250 for the season (18 games), matches and sports drinks and beer after the game on the weekends.

Email to find out more.