Netball – Roles and Responsibilities

Netball Executive Committee

Role/Position Responsibilities
Committee Chair/Sec
  • Meeting schedule – invite and confirm attendees
  • Organise & circulate agenda for mtgs.
  • Record minutes and decisions, follow up on actions
  • Inform members on decsions & check tasks have been completed
  • Maintain and file Netball programme records
  • Draw up and maintain budget
  • Keep detailed records of income and expenditure
  • Payment of invoices to contracted workers
  • Provide monthly bank reconciliation to ANZA Accounts
Coaches Liaison
  • Maintain coaching manuals (ensure they are relevant)
  • Assist in recruiting head coaches and coaches with AGC Liaison
  • Brief Head Coach and coaches on role requirements
  • Recruit and liaise with professional coaches*
  • Coach development plan
  • Regular contact with Head Coaches throughout season
  • Formulate strategic plans for each session and age group
TTS/Facility Liaison
  • Contact point for TTS
  • Court allocation
  • Book facilities, courts and cafe bookings
  • Communicate venue changes to AGC Liaison
  • Manage invoices
  • Determine schedule of matches for the season
  • Work closely with Tournament Co-ordinator and League Liaison for all external and internal tournaments
AGC Liaison
  • Recruit AGC’s and brief them on role requirements
  • Communicate weekly with team parents and coaches about the upcoming Saturday’s schedule and any issues
  • Ensure consistent communication between AGC’s, Coaches, Parents and Committee
Equipment Coordinator
  • Pre-season: Compile coaches bags
  • Check coaching manuals and First Aid Kits are complete
  • Ensure there is appropriate equipment for the sessions and order as required eg whistles, balls
  • Monitor equipment keeping note of any which are misplaced or damaged
  • Ensure all equipement is in a good state and safe to use
  • End of season: collect and check off coaches bags
  • Keep cages tidy
Tournament Coordinator
  • Main contact for external tournaments (excluding Sports Ready League)
  • Liaise with external netball clubs for dates, schedules, and ANZA team requirements
  • Enter teams in friendly matches/leagues
  • Assist Head Coaches with team coach recruitment and team allocations
  • Communicate tournament details with coaches and players
  • Co-ordinate all tournament details and communicate to coaches, players and parents
  • Manage Facebook and Instagram
  • Write and submit magazine articles
  • Sponsorship
  • School newsletter inclusion advertising registration
Welfare Officer


  • Oversee First Aid requirements and provision
  • Ensure all accident and Incidents are reported correctly
  • Assist in implementation plans for child safeguarding
  • First point of contact for issues concerning child welfare, poor practice or alleged abuse.
  • Ensure all professional coaches have appropriate references & checks carried out.
  • Ensure confidentiality is maintained and information is only shared on a ‘need to know’ basis.
Sports Ready League Co-ordinator
  • Main contact for Sports Ready league external and internal to ANZA
  • Work with relevant age groups Head Coach and AGC for program
  • Advise Head Coaches of all information, team recommendations and schedules for the league
  • Work with TTS Co-ordinator for venues and communicate to Head Coaches any changes


Non-Executive Roles

Role/Position Responsibilities
Netball Coordinator
  • Manage registration process
  • Oversee Google Drive ensuring documents are up to date and appropriately stored
  • Manage account responding to general queries and questions on behalf of ANZA Netball
  • Co-ordianate communication between ANZA office and Netball
  • Produce and manage Netball Calendar
  • Manage and update general processes, procedures & policies
  • Assist volunteer recruitment and retention
  • Arrange coaching courses & clinics as required
  • Support Committee Members as required
Presentation Day/Events Coordinator
  • Manage running order for events – MC
  • Determine venue requirements
  • Arrange food and drink
  • Arrange T-shirts, trophies and coaches gifts
  • Manage set up and pack down
Representative Team Manager – Perth
  • Advise representative team on professional coach, team manager and player recruitment
  • Manage timeline
  • Advise on budget, suppliers
  • Determine training schedule
  • Create/update a Team Managers Guidelines Manual
Uniform Coordinators
  • Liaise with uniform suppliers and order uniforms as required
  • Distribute uniforms to players/coaches/committee members
  • Handle all enquiries from members regarding uniform
  • Track uniform orders and store any unused stock for exchanges.
Team App Developer
  • Develop and Manage the Team App
Professional Coaches
  • Evaluate performance and provide feedback
  • Clearly demonstrate skills and break them down into easy to follow sequences as required
  • Develop coaches, participants knowledge, understanding of Netball and fitness
  • Identify next steps in progression and communicate these to Head Coach
  • Support Head Coach and prepare session plans as required
  • Assist session delivery, provide practical tips, advice and feedback to coaches and players
  • Act as a role model, ensuring safe, ethical and effective coaching practices
Head Coaches
  • Communicate instructions and commands using clear simple language
  • Evaluate sessions and monitor progress, identifying areas for improvement
  • Decide on season session plans
  • Work with Professional coach or HC to lead session
  • Grade Teams where required
  • Create an environment that is safe and welcoming for all
  • Be creative and strategic in providing enough time, coaches, space and equipment to enable participants to achieve
  • Communicate weekly with all coaches on session plans and relevant information
  • Organise coaching pairs and teams with AGC
  • Brief coaches prior to weekly session on drills and any relevant information
  • Decide on age group League tournaments, friendlies and other tournament participation, forming tournament teams, additional training and coach allocation
  • Create weekly court roster and game fixtures
Coach and Assistant Coach
  • Ensure participants are perfoming skills safely at all times
  • Take attendance register and note absences
  • Liase with Head Coach and prepare for sessions using the ANZA coaching manual
  • Set learning activities that interest, inspire and motivate players
  • Offer positive advice, encouragement and feedback to players
  • Set examples for respect and fair play
  • Give players time to think, reflect and make decisions for themselves
  • Ensure sessions are delivered at the appropriate level for the participants, adjust skills as needed to ensure the session is effective
  • Work to a high ethical standard at all times, particularly in relation to issues such as child safeguarding, health and safety
  • Show commitment and enthusiasm
  • Award Player of the Week
  • Celebrate participants involvement and successes so that they feel valued.
  • Listen to participants and act on what they say
Age Group AGC
  • Organise teams at the start of season in consultation with Head Coach
  • Organise volunteer coaches and team parents
  • Manage age group email account
  • Create & monitor whatsapp groups
  • Communicate with parents via team app / email (eg holiday reminders, tournament updates, venue changes etc)
  • Assist with grading and team allocations with Head Coach
  • Distribute coach bags and manuals & keep records
  • Assist Head Coach to grading new and existing players where required
  • At tournaments, organise time keepers, scorers, parent assistance
  • Make on-pitch decisions regarding lightning, haze, poor weather, and other unusual situations
  • Collect equipment / key
  • First aid point person
  • Welcome speech at start of season
  • Monitor registrations and assist new starters
  • Presentation day assistance
Team Parents
  • Organise and coordinate orange roster
  • Send weekly reminder to parent responsible for oranges
  • Create team whatsapp group (include coaches & AGC)
  • Introduce yourself to fellow team parents
  • Assist AGC / coaches with communicating special messages / announcements
  • Coordinate thank you gifts / cards at end of season for team coaches on behalf of team
  • Assist at presentation day