And the 2017 VOYA nominees are…

With the ANZA Volunteer of the Year Awards fast approaching, we have the list of the 2017 nominees that have been picked by the ANZA community.

The Volunteer of the Year Awards celebrates our dedicated volunteers, whether it’s through our sporting groups, monthly tours, interest groups or charitable work. ANZA volunteers are the dynamic force of our community. Each and every volunteer has been – and continues to be – an integral and valuable part of the ANZA team.

The seventh annual Volunteer of the Year Awards (VOYA) is only a few weeks away, and we’ve finally collected the list of people that the ANZA community has voted deserves to be commended for their passion, dedication and generosity. The following people below received a nomination:

  • Ali Lott
  • Alp Altun
  • Andrew Kinder
  • Bruce Swales
  • Cara D’Avanzo
  • Carmen Fay
  • Caroline Herbert
  • Christopher Brown
  • Corrina Ranger
  • Craig Norwood
  • Darren Cohen
  • David Hay
  • David Lancefield
  • Donna Williams
  • Fiona Challies
  • Geoff King
  • Geraldine Gibbs
  • Grant Reid
  • Heather Frame
  • Heather Tyler
  • Heidi Maccanti
  • Henrike Medcraft
  • Janine Furlong
  • John Goulios
  • Karen Frame
  • Karla Loughnan
  • Kirsten Falting
  • Luc Mongeon
  • Marcel de Bruijckere
  • Marie Brown
  • Mark Onderwater
  • Mathew Lamb
  • Matthew Tesseyman
  • Michael Kenderes
  • Michelle Villanueva
  • Michelle Wheeler
  • Mina Lawandi
  • Nigel Rackham
  • Nikki Rackham
  • Phil Jefferys
  • Rebecca Hall
  • Simone Jackson
  • Skye Wellington
  • Stephanie Lim
  • Steven Wong
  • Travis Mills
  • Trent Standen
  • Virginia Soh

This year’s winners will be posted on our website in a few weeks’ time. We want to thank everyone who sent in their nominations for this year’s VOYA.

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