Gavin Ingram and Head Coach Yakob Hashim

Gavin Ingram, outgoing G8 (2012) and U11 Age Group Coordinator (AGC)
“We became part of ANZA Soccer when my son Harry joined the U7s. From the start we were warmly welcomed, and after three sessions I volunteered as an assistant coach. I don’t have a sporting bone in my body, but it was wonderful to spend Saturdays with my two sons, meeting other parents and kids. After four years, I became an AGC, a wonderful way to play an active role in the broader organisation. ANZA Soccer has been a great way to spend my Saturday mornings over the past six years. We’ve made lots of friends and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the ANZA Soccer family.”

Oli Ralph

Oli Ralph, U11 AGC
“We joined ANZA in 2013 so our two boys could play with ANZA Soccer. I’ve been an active participant ever since, as a team parent and then a safety volunteer during these unusual times. In the current climate, with my usual work trips on hold, I felt I could step up and give back to ANZA and the wider community. With former AGC Gavin Ingram’s subtle persuasion, here I am as the new U11 AGC! Gavin has certainly left big shoes to fill, but I hope to be a valued member of the committee.”

Mark Sayer, Matildas Coordinator and Committee Treasurer
I’m fortunate to be the coordinator for the Matildas, ANZA Soccer’s girls programme, as well as the Committee Treasurer. To be a part of 130 girls playing the sport for fun, friendship, or competition is very rewarding. The girls support each other and have fun, while pushing themselves to develop as individuals and teams. Seeing our older Matildas making a guard of honour for the youngsters is just one example of why it’s worth the effort to ensure ANZA Soccer’s programmes proceed smoothly each week!”

Luc Mongeon and family

Luc Mongeon, Committee Secretary
“My boys started playing at ANZA when they were seven and eight, and over ten years I’ve volunteered as team parent, coach, international tournament organiser, and committee member. Why? Because my kids love ANZA Soccer! Every weekend they have loads of fun with their friends at the pitches, and then talk about it until the next Saturday, when they’d start the whole cycle again. I’ve loved being more connected with my boys, and our family has had a great time and shared fantastic memories with the rest of the ANZA community of players, parents and coaches.”

Richard Howard

Richard Howard, Pitch Coordinator
“Over five years with ANZA Soccer, it’s been fantastic to watch so many kids have fun, make new friends, master new skills, and discover the joy of being part of a team. After coaching both Darcie’s and Sam’s teams for several years, I started thinking about how I could help off the pitch. Kevin Hynds can smell a potential volunteer at a thousand paces, and I was soon the new Pitch Coordinator! I’m looking forward to helping ANZA Soccer continue to grow, introducing as many kids as possible to a lifelong love of sport in a fun and supportive environment.”

Michelle Wheeler

Michelle Wheeler, outgoing B13 Competition Team Coordinator
“I was talked into volunteering over a few drinks by Janine Furlong, who suggested we co-AGC the U10s to lighten the load. Six years later, I’m so glad I said yes! I have loved being a part of a wonderful and supportive committee, as well as the close-knit ANZA Soccer community. Our family has enjoyed the opportunities, memories, and lifelong friendships we have gained. We all feel at home at The Cage, and we will miss ANZA Soccer very much. I’m very thankful for the part it has played in making our time here in Singapore so enjoyable.”

Sam Jones, G8 (2012) AGC
“When we moved house a couple of years ago, our new neighbours’ boy played with ANZA and seemed much more inspired than our kids were at our former club! Then, one by one, various friends’ children moved over to ANZA, so we let our kids have a trial at the start of the season. Straightaway, we signed them up, and we couldn’t be happier. The kids are making great friends in the G8s and Matildas. We wish we’d made the move earlier! We like that ANZA Soccer seeks input and assistance from the parent community; what better way to get involved with the kids after a long week of work!”

Mike Demchy, U17 AGC
“Being part of ANZA Soccer and volunteering, first as a coach and now as an AGC and committee member, allows me to spend valuable bonding time with my children. While eight years ago, my boys had to drag me out of bed on Saturdays, now I pull two wonderful teenagers out of bed! The week’s stresses fade away when we get in the car, and it’s my time with my sons. Win or lose, after the match it’s generally smiles all around. I would not miss this experience with my family for anything. Thank you ANZA Soccer for helping facilitate this opportunity!”