Camilla Gunnery is seven years old and into her second season of ANZA Netball. This season, her age group has been playing at the Hollandse Club. Camilla has made the most of the reduced numbers and small group format and has been able to make friends and bond with girls from other schools. This is what Camilla has to say about ANZA Netball…

What do you like about ANZA Netball?
It’s fun and we play games.
What fun warm-up games do you like?
I like running and the birdie game.
Why do you think netball is good for you?
It’s good for you because it makes you healthy.
What does your coach say to you?
Great work Millie!
Why have you chosen netball?
Because my mum told me it was fun.
Can you name a netball rule?
No touching other people. (The girls learn a new rule every week and have recently been learning about the “contact” rule!)
Would you tell your friends to try netball?
Yes, because it’s fun and healthy for you!

Thanks Camilla for answering our questions. If you are interested in having fun like Camilla and joining ANZA Netball for the remainder of the season, there are limited spaces available in some age groups. You can register online at