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1 Men die younger than women.

There are many reasons for this but a significant factor is that women are protected from earlier onset heart disease by having higher levels of oestrogen. At Osler Health we can help assess your risk of future heart attack and stroke, and take measures to prevent them! This can include controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels, diagnosing and reversing pre-diabetes and arranging ongoing screening.

2 Men generally wait longer to seek help with their mental health.

They also discuss these issues less with their friends. Seeing a GP if you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression can be the first step on the road to fixing these issues, and you can talk to us in confidence. Many men feel that mental health problems simply have to be endured but this is not true!

3 There are some cancers which only affect men.

Testicular cancer often affects men in their 20’s and 30’s. Prostate cancer is more common over 50. For the prostate we can run tests to try to pick up cancers at an early stage, and for testicular lumps we can check these for you – most are harmless and do not require treatment. Lung cancer and colon cancer affect both sexes but are more common in men. Like all cancers, they are much easier to treat when caught early.

4 Unhealthy lifestyle habits are more common for men in most countries.

These include obesity, excessive alcohol intake, smoking and recreational drug use. This is another reason why men have a shorter life expectancy. Lifestyle changes are the most effective way to improve your overall health but can be difficult to sustain on your own. We can help support you through this process, and offer advice on the most effective lifestyle improvements for your individual circumstances.

5 Men are often reluctant to seek help with their sexual health.

Erectile dysfunction affects the majority of men in their lifetime. There are a range of different causes and we can run some tests to check for these. Most importantly, we can offer treatment to fix the problem, restore your confidence and enhance your sex life. The other sexual health issue is sexually transmitted infection (STI’s). These are generally easy to diagnose and treat, and results are much better if the problem is addressed earlier. Again, appointments are confidential and discreet. 

Of course, some men are very good at getting regular check-ups. If you’re already pretty good at this stuff, try to be there for your friends as someone they can talk to, and point them in the right direction for help. 

Dr Neil ForrestDr Neil Forrest is a British GP from Osler Health International and is based in their Star Vista clinic (near Holland Village)

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