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Review: New Cocktails at Atlas Bar

image of Atlas bar

Love trying inventive new bars in Singapore? Transport yourself back to 1925 Paris with Atlas Bar’s inventive and delicious new cocktail menu, La Grande Nation.

Arriving at ATLAS Bar to taste test their hotly anticipated new cocktail menu, Le Grande Nation, inspired by the arts décoratifs movement in early 20th century Paris, one gets the distinct feeling this will be a cut above your usual drinks list.

Ascending to the private lounge overlooking the vast, grandiose main room, it’s clear why Atlas is known Singapore’s best cocktail bar. I’m asked to take out my headphones and listen along as a debonair (fictional) journalist named Cecil Beaumont takes me on a journey through Art Deco Paris in the 1920’s, as he completes an assignment on the art, architecture, jewellery and design of the time. Each cocktail we taste, matches with an audio recording of Cecil’s adventures – a fun and immersive way to experience this exceptional bar, which is a trip back to a more refined, genteel era.

image of vendome spritz - cocktail at atlas bar
Vendome Spritz

Atlas Cocktail List

In the opening chapter, à la Réception, inspired by master glassmaker René Jules Lalique, we sip the Vendôme Spritz ($23) made with Japanese gin, triple citrus cordial, dry vermouth, grapefruit and rosemary tonic. It’s a refreshing, citrusy drink, with a herbal scent. Style Moderne features the talented graphic artist A.M. Cassandre, which invites us to try the A.M.’s Alliance ($27), blended with Oloroso sherry, Italian bitter, and a chilli tincture. It’s a refined ruby drink, with a smoky, spicy kick. Best for those who like savoury cocktails.

image of cocktail at the best cocktail bar
A.M’s Alliance
The Musician

In the Ouvert Toute La Nuit chapter The Musician ($24) is served in honour of the sensual, provocative paintings of Tamara de Lempicka. It’s a heady concoction of cognac, coconut cream, mint, cacao, and chocolate bitters, with subtle mint chocolate notes.  Each chapter features a non-alcoholic drink, my favourite being the highly sippable Key in Hand ($16) a tangy, savoury sip, with spiced non-alcohol spirit, sour plum, and tomato water alkali.

Atlas Bar Menu

The modern European menu at ATLAS almost rivals the extensive drinks list. To accompany our drinks, we tuck into a selection of moreish small bites, including delicately flavoured Oyster’s Mignonette with a squeeze of lemon ($38), a cheesy, rich mini Croque Monsieur with ‘fancy’ Spanish cheese and pickled shallots ($18), a spicy toasted Chorizo Sandwich, with pickled capsicum, rocket, and gherkin mayo ($24) and a Fried Cauliflower dish with paprika aioli and pickles ($18).

Best Gin Bar in Singapore and the World!

ATLAS is one of the world’s leading gin destinations, so you simply can’t leave here without ordering a G&T. Choose from more than 1300 gins from all corners of the globe, including modern craft gins, Australian gins, and classic, aged London dry gins.

Did you Know? ATLAS recently won World’s Best Cocktail Menu in Tales of the Cocktails Spirited Awards, 2020. Book ahead at atlasbar.sg

Homes Feature: Island Escape

Karin Rysgaard, daybed
Karin Rysgaard lives here with daughter, Sophie (18); helper Sheron; ‘little old blind rescue dog’ Ginger and cat Athena.

cane chairs

The unassuming front entry to Karin Rysgaard’s double storey terrace home gives no clues to the hidden treasure that lies inside. Located in the quiet Eastern suburb of Kembangan, Karin’s leafy front garden opens into a relaxed, island-inspired space, with tribal tones and enviable pieces collected from around the world. Beautiful, carefully selected homewares (many sourced from Island Living) offer contrasting textures and tones. Think hand-stitched fabrics, sustainable rattan, teak furniture, weaved baskets, polished copper, carved stone, and soothing shades of sea blue and green in the printed wallpaper, paint colours and artwork.

The Co Founder and Creative Director of Island Living and Founder and Head Designer of Cocoon Styling, Karin has a deep understanding of what makes a home work – from the flow of her open kitchen, to inviting, airy bedrooms, oversized timber dining tables, and the outdoor room of her enviable shaded terrace. It’s this area that encapsulates Karin’s style best– the raised plunge pool, cushion strewn day bed, and relaxed sitting area invites sundowners with friends and Sunday lunches.

cane lamp, plunge pool

Why did you choose this house?
We decided to move to the East Coast six years ago as my daughter was attending the nearby Overseas Family School. I had several friends on the east, and they all loved living over this way so thought we’d give it a try. The result, we love it! I can’t imagine not living on the east anymore, it has a real community feel.

Where else have you lived?
Prior to this home, we lived in a fantastic large bungalow on 7000sqf of land in the Thomson Rd area. Being a keen gardener and qualified horticulturist, this was a wonderful property to get my hands dirty. As my original business here, Cocoon Styling, grew, I had limited time to give such a property the attention it deserved, so we decided to make the change to the east.

What changes have you made?
I took over the property in a very run-down state. I negotiated a good deal on the rent and a long lease. This gave me an opportunity to extensively renovate the home. I completely gutted and remodelled both bathrooms, and added a rented pool from Hayward Pools. We replaced all the interior ceilings, and opened a wall in the kitchen to allow flow through ventilation. As result we don’t require any air con in the ground floor kitchen, living and dining spaces. We’ve also repainted, added gorgeous subtle palm printed wallpaper, and created full privacy around the pool and across the front of the house with palms and foliage.

Kitchen design, natural ventilation

What appeals to you about the neighbourhood?
The MRT is just down the road, which has been great for my daughter to get to and from school and visit friends. Kembangan is an older area and very quiet, so being able to park right at my front door is a bonus.

What are your favourite local haunts?
I love training at the F45 studio in nearby Siglap. We also go to Baker & Cook in Opera Estate for delicious weekend breakfasts, and the new P.S Cafe on the East Coast has been a real treat. I’m also really looking forward to Little Farms opening their new outlet in the east soon too. I never get tired of wandering around funky Joo Chiat, browsing new little boutiques, and seeing the old shophouses.

What is this home’s history?
It’s owned by a lovely elderly Singaporean gentleman who lives a few doors up the street. I believe it was built in the 1960’s and was the first landed property he purchased after selling his HBD. He told me he’s had very good luck living with his family in this home. Let’s hope his good luck rubs off on us!

timber dining table, cane furniture, dining room

What’s something unusual about your home?
The front of the house is completely covered with plants, creating privacy, and when people enter, they have no idea what’s inside. I often get comments like; “Wow this is so great, and so much more spacious than it looks from the front”. That I used the inside driveway to add a plunge pool is also surprise for visitors.

What is your favourite space?
Hanging out the front on the daybed or cooking in our large open plan kitchen – we love to entertain, hosting lots of Sunday lunches and dinner parties.

Spring Feeling by Sandrine Capdouze, blue theme decorcane furniture, green plant, white rustic vases

What are your most prized pieces?
The first real piece of art I bought myself a few years ago is a stunning oil on canvas called ‘Spring Feeling’, by an artist and friend Sandrine Capdouze. Sandrine was a client several years ago; Cocoon Styling renovated her property and we got to know each other quite well. When Sandine held her first exhibition I saw the piece and fell in love with it immediately.
The other piece I love is a sculpture I found on a buying trip in Indonesia when sourcing for Island Living. This gorgeous solid copper Ballerina is just stunning. We only get a couple in at a time into Island Living but they always sell out fast.

What is your personal decorating style?
My personal style changes all the time, but right now it’s quite sleek and simple, with elements from nature and layering of textures in neutral tones. I’m also going through a bit of a tribal faze and adding touches of black here and there within the home.
I’m a very tidy person, so each piece is carefully selected, with a place in mind.
I try very hard not to over clutter and often put things away in storage while I try something different. Owning a furniture and homewares store certainly has its advantages, but it’s also very tempting to keep buying more things.

What’s most important to you in a home?
That my daughter feels comfortable. I think I have achieved this, as over the years I’ve hosted many large parties with a house full of teenagers. Also, as we love to entertain, making everyone feel special when they visit us is my top priority.

Cane furniture, beautiful living room

Where did you get the bulk of your furniture?
Island Living of course! I also have several large cabinets that are second hand and I’ve painted and repainted over the years. I’m a huge believer in upcycling where you can; older homes often lack storage, so these rescued pieces are a real help in the storage department.

What is your work/home life balance?
When you own a business there is always something to do. I have been through stages over the years where burn out has been an issue but I’m making better decisions in managing this. I’m certainly not complaining however, as there are so many small businesses struggling currently and having a business that is expanding and growing at the rate Island Living is, is certainly a blessing indeed.

What brought you to Singapore?
I came to Singapore 15 years ago with my daughters’ father’s job, we decided to go our separate ways very amicably after the first year here. He has since moved away from Singapore. I then saw a gap in the market for expat renters needing help with styling their properties and making their stay in Singapore feel more like home. This business grew as I connected with a local contractor, and we have worked together for 10 years on many clients.

Copper Ballerina from Island Living, Cactus decor, table lamp

How did Island Living get started?
In November 2018 I got a text unexpectedly from a client I had worked with a few years before. She mentioned she had a friend and neighbour, Denise Vrontos, who had imported a small selection of products from Indonesia and was looking to sell them. She thought my clients might be interested. Denise sent me some images and we started chatting. I was in the middle of some large projects, so taking on anything new late in the year was not my top priority, but I had this strong feeling that somehow, I needed to connect with her. Over the next couple of months, we continued to chat on the phone, brainstorming ideas as to how we could team up, using her great skills from years of PR management and my design knowledge to bring together a range of products for Singapore. We finally met in person in January 2019 and Island Living was born. We cannot believe how far we have come and grown in two short years.


How to Beat Allergies in Singapore

Why do I have allergies in Singapore but not in my home country? 

Yes, it is a thing! Allergies occur when your immune system overreacts to substances that exist in your environment either indoors or outdoors. These substances are known as allergens. As each environment has different allergens, you may have allergic symptoms in one environment but not another. Living in a humid climate causes allergens such as dust mites and mould to thrive. In addition, you may find that certain pollens unique to Singapore will cause allergic symptoms. The reverse is of course also true. I have many patients who are symptom-free in Singapore but will experience a flare-up of their allergies on return to their home country.

Read more about food allergies

Could you be allergic to the outdoors?
Yes, absolutely. Any substance that you inhale can potentially be an allergen. The most common are pollen from trees, grass and weeds that are airbourne at different times of the year.

Is the allergy inside my house? Am I allergic to air con? Dust mites? Mould?
It depends on the allergens present in your home. Dust mites are one of the most common causes of allergies and can be found even in the cleanest of homes! Air con units can harbour mould, as can walls, ceilings and home furnishings. Cockroaches can cause allergies, as can animal dander.

What if I don’t know what I’m allergic too?
Getting a test is simple and can identify what’s causing your allergy. It’s best to discuss your symptoms with your doctor, who can advise whether or not your symptoms are due to an allergy or another condition.

How do I get an allergy skin prick or blood test in Singapore?
Individual allergens can be tested for with a skin prick or blood test. A skin prick test involves a diluted allergen being pricked or scratched into the skin surface. The advantage is that the results can be seen almost immediately. A blood test requires one blood draw and can be done while a patient is taking an antihistamine, (antihistamines need to be stopped before a skin prick test as they interfere with the results). There is a slight delay in receiving the result.

What about immunotherapy?
A long-term but lengthy therapy is desensitisation with immunotherapy. This exposes the patient to small doses of the substance they are allergic to. The dose given is too small to provoke an allergic reaction, but large enough to teach your immune system not to overreact. Immunotherapy can be administered by injection or sublingually, where drops, spray or a tablet is placed under your tongue. Treatment can take between 3 – 5 years.
Immunotherapy is often reserved for more severe allergies, such as anaphylaxis to a bee sting, or severe allergic rhinitis to pollen, dust mites or animals. Treatments are supervised by specialist clinics and though they may not ‘cure’ the allergy, they can reduce the severity of the symptoms.

What are the treatments for allergies?
Avoidance of identified allergens is the mainstay of treatment, but this is not always possible. Here are some other treatment options:

  • Non-drowsy antihistamines can be taken on a long-term basis. These can be in the form of eye drops for allergic conjunctivitis or a tablet for allergic symptoms.
  • Intranasal saline washes can relieve mild symptoms.
  • Nasal sprays containing steroids help reduce inflammation in the nose and can be used daily or intermittently for seasonal allergies. A nasal spray containing both an antihistamine and steroid is now available and more convenient for some patients.

How do I get rid of dust mites in my home? 
Aside from regular cleaning, there are several ways you can reduce the dust mite burden in your home.

  • Use dust mite free covers for your pillow, duvet and mattress.
  • Remove carpets and rugs from bedrooms and try to reduce soft furnishings, such as decorative pillows, and wash these frequently.
  • Install blinds rather than curtains.
  • High temperature professional steaming of carpets and curtains can kill dust mites.
  • Using a dehumidifier will reduce humidity in your home environment, minimise the dust mites load and prevent mould build up.
  • Using a HEPA filter can trap airborne allergens, such as dust mites as well as animal dander and mould spores.
  • For children, try to keep soft toys to a minimum. If this is unavoidable – then from time to time place them in the freezer, in a bag, for 24 hours followed by a wash at 60°C to kill the dust mites.

Read more about food allergies

Dr Sundus Hussain-Morgan is a UK trained GP at IMC’s Katong Branch. As a ‘third culture kid’ herself, she understands the positive experience as well as challenges that face the expat community.


ANZA April Soccer Camp

ANZA Soccer players, Kids Soccer Singapore

School Holiday ANZA Soccer Camp for Kids

Looking for an Easter holiday activity for your soccer playing kids? ANZA Soccer is running a four-day kids soccer camp from 5-8 April. The camp is open to all ANZA members (aimed at younger players and girls) and will be run by our professional coaches. Groups of eight will work with a dedicated coach on skills development, fitness and small sides games.

If your child is not already a participant in ANZA Soccer, it’s a great way to get an introduction to our well-regarded programme and train with ANZA’s professional coaches who provide camps, additional skills training and mid-week training sessions.

The camp will be held in compliance with our Training Session COVID-19 Protocols. We will need the help of parents to assist in implementing our Training Session Protocols. Non-volunteers may be asked to leave the area to comply with limits on participant numbers and safe-distancing rules.

Planning is underway for mid-year camps. Look out for more details soon!

ANZA April Soccer Camp

Dates: 5 April – 8 April (4 days)

Times: 8:30 – 10:30am

Age Groups: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, U10s & Matildas (Junior and Senior)

Cost: $160


ANZA Action supports Earth Day

ANZA Action kicked off their Earth Month with a beach clean up

Environmental Action in Singapore

ANZA Action has kicked off a month of environmental action in support of Earth Day on 22 April. The annual event is celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection. ANZA Action will dedicate March 22-April 22 as a month to bring awareness to the ANZA community of the small things we can do that make a difference to Mother Earth.

The group met up on Coney Island to do a beach clean-up on 22 March, collecting many bags of rubbish and plastic. “As Earth Day approaches, I would like to challenge all ANZA Action members to do something for Mother Earth each and every day for a month,” says ANZA Action’s Louise Jones. “Every day this month I will give you an idea on how to do just that. Today we basked in nature enjoying Coney Island with great people while ‘earning our place on this planet’”.

For green tips and to join ANZA Action’s Earth month activities, head to their Facebook group or web page

About ANZA Action:

ANZA Action is the community affairs arm for ANZA in Singapore. We support charities in Singapore through fundraising and connect ANZA members with volunteering activities. Involvement in ANZA Action is a way of giving back to our adopted communities as well as experiencing a different side of life here in Singapore.

To join and to be part of the ANZA Action volunteers please email info@anza.org.sg

Newborn checklist: 5 essential things to buy for your baby

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If you’re expecting a baby, it won’t be long before you’re given advice from friends and family who are eager to share their experiences. Turning to the internet for advice can also be overwhelming, with endless tips on what, when, and how much you need to buy. Fortunately, our friends from Pacific Prime Singapore have compiled a checklist of five essentials you need for your newborn.

1. A crib and baby bedding

Regardless of your planned sleeping arrangements, your baby will need a place to rest. If you’re still deciding on the setup, a co-sleeper or bassinet cradle is a good start. You’ll likely also have to buy a fire-retardant mattress, along with a quilted mattress pad, crib sheets, waterproof pads, and lightweight blankets.

2. Diapers

With an average of 70 to 90 diaper changes per week to start with, nappies are a must for newborns. While you can choose between cloth and disposable diapers, a changing pad, baby wipes, soft washcloths, and a diaper pail are other diaper-related essentials.

3. Bath supplies

You’ll need a baby tub of some sort to bathe your baby. Popular types include sink insert baby bath seats, basin tubs, and convertible tubs. Make sure you’re prepared for bathtime with terrycloth bath towels, washcloths, baby soap, baby nail scissors, a comb, and a brush.

4. Feeding equipment

The exact type of equipment you’ll need will depend on whether you’re breastfeeding your newborn, but you’ll need bibs and burp cloths either way. While breastfeeding will require a breast pump and bottles, others will need to purchase formula, a measuring cup, and feeding bottles. A bottle brush, bottle warmer, and dishwasher basket are also highly recommended.

5. Insurance

As the risk of health-related conditions and health costs continue to rise, so does the need for newborn insurance. There are several insurance options for newborns, from standard health insurance to critical illness insurance. While the type of newborn insurance you should select is a personal choice that depends on budget and other factors, discussing your options with an insurance expert is a smart way to ensure your needs are met.


newborn baby

To learn more, check out Pacific Prime Singapore’s 2020-2021 Singapore Maternity Insurance Guide. You can also contact Pacific Prime to compare health insurance for babies in Singapore or to receive impartial advice today.

Review: 1-Atico


2 Orchard Turn, #55-01 ION Orchard, 238801


Flnt, modern bar, sleek dining experience


We start our tasting at the fun, bustling Flnt, which serves fusion dishes inspired by the flavours of ‘Nikkei’ culture in Peru. Our table is wowed by a cocktail that arrives in a plume of dry ice smoke in delicate Japanese pottery. The refreshing Mizuame ($25) blends cognac, Kyoho grape sake, blood orange liqueur, cherry blossom syrup and fresh citrus. It’s accompanied by Sakura Kakiage ($15), crispy shards of cherry blossom shrimp, onion, butternut squash, beetroot and teriyaki sauce.

salad, sleek dining experience
Ceviche Nikkei

This is followed up by Ceviche Nikkei ($25), a salad of delicate white fish with citrus notes, crunchy roasted hazelnuts, shallots, tomatoes, avocado and white corn. A single Foie Gras Taco ($12 per piece) teams succulent grilled foie gras, with tangy yogurt, fish roe, and kaffir lime. Highlighting the culinary skills of talented Head Chef Lamley Chua, the Gindara Misoyaki ($28) is a perfectly grilled piece of miso cod, served with aji verde (tangy Peruvian green sauce). We finish with another cocktail (why not?) the Nuevo Casa ($23) – kumquat, pisco, yuzu sake, cherry blossom syrup, orange tea, and tonic water.

Fire, Orchard skyline Singapore
Fire dining area

While it’s unusual to review two restaurants in a single evening, all our party has to do is take a flight of stairs to the elegant dining room of Fire, led by well-known Australian Chef and Group Culinary Director Christopher Millar. While the Argentinian and Australian influenced wine list is impressive, we start with the South American style Federico’s Legacy cocktail ($20) – a savoury mix of cynar, fernet branca, antica formula, orange bitters, fresh lemon juice, and kosher salt.

Salt baked trout, chef preparing fish
Salt-Baked Whole Rainbow Trout

Fire showcases Argentine wood-fired cooking techniques in a showstopping array of dishes, which feature the finest cuts of prime meats, fresh seafood and vegetable-based dishes.
We start with tastes of the ocean – Mud Crab ‘Rescoldo’ ($36), cooked under almond wood embers, with Hokkaido scallop, sweet clementine slices and charred fennel; and grilled Patagonian Red Prawns ‘Parrilla’ ($28). Salt-Baked Whole Rainbow Trout ($52 for 400g, $70 for 600g) is the softest, sweetest fish I’ve ever tasted, lightly scented with fennel seed, parsley and lemon zest.

Special dessert, Flan Adriana
Flan ‘Adriana’
Special dessert, Choco Torta
Choco Torta

Vegetarians are well catered for with the Plato de Verduras ($36) – a sizable vegetable platter that rivals the meat dishes with a cornucopia of pickled heirloom carrots, potatoes, purple asparagus, wood-fired white corn, Palermo peppers and smoked salt. Slices of tender ‘Devesa’ Argentinian Grain-Fed OP Rib ($210) provide the perfect pairing.
Desserts are special here – don’t miss the Flan ‘Adriana’ ($24), a rich Dulce De Leche tart, or the layered Choco Torta ($22) with Gianduja sorbet and hazelnut.

VERDICT: This rooftop stunner is inventive, exciting and perfect for a special occasion or treat night out.

Nippers Returns to the Beach!

Rash tops, swim caps, flags, Sentosa

The 2020 ANZA Nippers season was cut short only a couple of weeks into its programme, due to Circuit Breaker restrictions. The Nippers Committee were determined to not let this challenge get in the way of their spirit and drive. With lots of collaboration and tenacity, the team quickly adapted to changes and planned to return to Palawan beach with a big splash in 2021! This month, the Nippers crew will be back at the beach doing what they love, in a modified format. Rinka Perez reports on some of the behind-the-scenes projects that the Nippers committee have been working on over the break …

Swimming coaches, Sea rescue coaches training, Sentosa

Bronze Medallion
To maintain Nippers’ water safety ratio of 5:1 children to Bronze Medallion holders, nine bronzies met at Palawan Beach in December 2020 and completed their proficiency test. This test is done annually to maintain Nippers’ Bronze Medallion qualifications and is usually done with help from the Avalon Beach Surf Lifesaving Club, who fly into Singapore from Australia. Due to travel restrictions last year, this wasn’t possible, but in coordination with Avalon Beach SLSC our bronzies were still able to complete their proficiency and extend certification for another year. Go team!

Repurposed pouch

Going Green
In 2020, Nippers made a commitment to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious. To keep this promise, Nippers has been working with Java Eco Project (jepsg.com) to repurpose and upcycle previous season’s rash tops, swim caps and flags into fun beach accessories for members to purchase. Java Eco Project is a Social Enterprise that works on sustainability projects to support the education of trash-picker children in Indonesia. 2019 uniforms have already been transformed into a trendy pouch …more details to come soon! In addition to this upcycling initiative, the 2020 uniforms that barely touched the seawater last year, will be reused for 2021 season. This eco-friendly initiative has saved over 30kgs and approximately 200 pieces of clothing from ending up as landfill waste.

beach wear, fashionistas swimwear

Nippers New Fashion Label
Nippers will be launching a new 2021 range of beach wear and swim accessories for fashionistas to buy! Working with a boutique designer in Australia, Nippers will soon be offering its very own exclusive range, with branded designs and high-quality yielding fabrics that are perfect for the beach. Stay tuned for more information.

ANZA Singapore Nippers is a not-for-profit volunteer group where children from 5-13 years of age participate in fun activities at Palawan Beach to learn essential ocean and swimming skills.
• Stay up to date with ANZA Nippers news by following our Instagram
• We are also on Facebook
• And at anza.org.sg/sports/nippers
• For more information on upcycling and CSR opportunities, contact Rinka Perez at Java Eco Project jepsg.com
IG @java_eco_project_sg

Setting up a Family Trust in Australia

Family trust in Australia, Clock, grow money

“I am considering setting up a family trust in Australia. What are the benefits and what other options do I have in Australia?”

This is a complex area and I always recommend a personal consultation, however, the following is a high-level commentary on family trusts, together with discussion on other structures which could be considered.

Australian Discretionary Family Trust
This is a very popular structure and used mostly for income distribution amongst the family to benefit from family members on lower marginal tax rates, as well as asset succession purposes. The trustee determines the residency of the trust and generally they are used to hold personal investments, like shares and managed funds. This also extends to Australian property (but consideration must be given to additional taxes such as land tax, stamp duty and The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) rules and fees).
Australian Property is expensive and difficult to restructure
Australian property is always taxable in Australia, regardless of your tax residency, and most restructuring results in a capital gains tax event, local stamp duty, and ramifications with your home loan if you have financed the property. Accordingly, it is usually only before you acquire the property that you may consider owning it in an entity (trust, company or superfund) versus individually (jointly or individually). Capital gains tax concessions also need to be considered, such as the principal place of residence exemption (and whether you may jeopardise this), and the 50% capital gains tax discount.
Australian Companies
An Australian company is always a resident of Australia for tax purposes. They provide access to the corporate tax rate (30% for passive investments, and 26% for business income) with the ability to pay a non-resident shareholder (i.e an expat), a dividend without any top up tax to the shareholder. Once in Australia however, you must pay top up tax on the dividend received if your marginal tax rate is more than the company tax rate.
Australian Superannuation and CPF
You cannot set up a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) when you are living offshore, due to the strict residency requirements, however you can still make contributions to your existing industry or commercial fund, subject to your annual limits. Once you are back in Australia, you can then set up a SMSF and roll over your existing balance into it. Note: Superannuation is always taxable up until the fund is converted into pension phase with annual earnings taxed at 15% and capital gains at 10%, together with strict access rules limiting access to age 60 and retired or 65. Those with CPF could also be in for a shock with a potential change in ATO sentiment if CPF is brought into Australia. This could result on 100% of the earnings being taxed upon access in Australia.
Foreign Life Assurance Policy
This structure is popular for holding investments such as managed funds or directly held shares, as it provides tax deferral in the first 10 years if you are a tax resident of Australia, and tax-free access post 10 years. This is subject to the 125% contribution rule, meaning you cannot put more than 125% of the previous contributions within the year after. Some providers have also achieved an ATO product ruling which provides great comfort to the account holder.

Head of Tax Australia at Select Investors Australia

Tristan is an Australian tax agent and expatriate tax advisor based in Singapore. If you would like to learn more on this topic, Tristan regularly presents educational webinars to further outline the best ways to protect your assets through tax management. Find out more at selectinvestors.sg

Contact Tristan on tristan.perry@selectinvestorsaustralia.sg or +65 9108 6398.

** The levels and bases of taxation, and relief from taxation, can change at any time. The value of any tax relief depends on individual circumstances.

The best Easter brunches and lunches in Singapore

Celebrate Easter in Singapore this year with long lunches, brunches, and festive treats.

The English House

Marco Pierre White’s Singapore outpost The English House serves up English comfort food in a cosy, elegant setting. They’re putting a twist on their menu for Easter with several festive options:

2 April: Celebrate Good Friday with a rack of lamb carved at the restaurant’s antique serving trolley. Observing the tradition of not eating meat? There are lots of a la carte vegetarian options and a tasty British style fish and chips.

2-3 April: Tuck into a hearty Easter weekend breakfast served Saturday and Sunday from 9-10:45.

4 April: For the main event on Easter Sunday, the restaurant is offering specials including homemade scotch eggs, stuffed leg of lamb and rich, delicious chocolate Valrhona tart. Their traditional Sunday roast menu is also available.


The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

15 Stamford by Alvin Leung dessert platter

An “Eggs-quisite” Easter awaits you at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore with buffets, takeaway roasts, and baked treats.

Families will love 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung’s Easter Sunday Brunch on 4 April from 12-3pm. Hearty mains include Roasted Pork Chops, Easter Spit Roasted Beef and Chilean Sea Bass. Desserts include Easter Eggnog Cupcake and Bunny in a Pot Marshmallow. There are also Cheese Wagons, a self-service Negroni Fountain and the chance to play Tsougrisma, a traditional game of cracking eggs by tapping them together. Priced at $148++ per person for food only, with additional $48++ for sparkling beverage package, $68++ for champagne beverage package and $118++ for vintage beverage package.

The Atelier Easter Sunday Family Brunch

The Atelier Easter Sunday Family Brunch is on 4 April from 12-3pm and includes oysters, charcuterie plates, hot seafood and more, followed by a platter of black Angus beef sirloin, roasted grass-fed lamb leg and roasted free-range spring chicken. Desserts include toffee banana cake, white chocolate cupcakes, strawberry shortcake trifle and other cute specialties like bunny butt in soil and Easter egg cookies. A kiddie playground offers fun activities, movie screening and an Easter bunny cookie making session. Priced at $118++ per person for food only with additional $48++ for sparkling beverage package, $68++ for champagne beverage package and $118++ for vintage beverage package. Kids aged 6-12 years old $59++

Berthold Delikatessen Toffee Banana Cupcake

Berthold Delikatessen, Frieda, La Scala Ristorante and Broadway American Diner at Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski are serving up specialty menus with German, Italian and American traditional Easter flavours and The Capitol Kempinski Hotel’s online store is also open for orders with Easter hampers, tender, juicy and succulent roasts, and traditional sweets. https://www.kempinski.com/en/singapore/the-capitol-singapore/dining/festive-season/

Bread Street Kitchen

Bread Street Kitchen

On Easter Sunday, Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay takes its traditional Sunday roast up a notch with the classic dish of lamb rump, roasted potatoes, savoy cabbage, carrots, Yorkshire pudding, onion gravy (S$43++). Sweeten the deal with classic carrot cake, raisin & rum gel, toasted walnuts, cream cheese ice cream (S$18++). Enjoy delicious food and a stunning view of Marina Bay. https://www.marinabaysands.com/restaurants/bread-street-kitchen.html

Black Tap

Add a pop of fun to your Easter celebrations with Black Tap’s limited festive special, “The Peeps Shake”. Available from 2 to 4 April, the black cherry CrazyShake® features a vanilla frosted rim coated with colourful Easter M&Ms, topped with three iconic Yellow Peeps Chicks, sprinkles and a red cherry. marinabaysands.com/restaurants/black-tap.

SO Sofitel Brunch

SO Sofitel is offering a delectable Easter feast from 12-3pm on 3-4 April. A brunch tower is served to your table, with all manner of delicious seafood, charcuterie and cheese starters, as well as Hot Cross Buns, Macaroons, Mini Easter Eggs & much more. A bottomless carving station includes free flow Spiced Roasted Pork Rack, Whole Butter Roasted Chicken and Mustard & Herb Marinated Australian Ribeye served with Braised Red Cabbage and Mashed Potato.

Priced from $98 per person, kids under 6 free, kids 6-12 years $49++. Add two hours free-flow Prosecco, wine and beers for $48++ per person.

**Dress to impress and take part in the Easter themed best-dressed competition for a chance to win a 2D1N stay at SO/ Bangkok, valid for 12 months from the date international travel between Singapore and Thailand commences.


Fairmont Singapore’s Anti:dote

Anti:dote is offering a beautifully decorated Easter-themed version of its Signature Afternoon Tea indulgence in the month of April. Nibble on dainty delights fresh from the pastry kitchen, including Nespresso Cocoa Macaron, Passionfruit Curl Coconut Cream Egg Choux, Orange Mascarpone Carrot Tea Cake, and the hybrid delight Hot Cross Scones. The Easter Afternoon Indulgence is available from 1-30 April daily from 12-2pm; 3-5pm at $55++ per person without amuse bouche, $68++ per person with a choice of amuse bouche.