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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Pave Your Child’s Way to Success

It is a universal fact that every parent wants the very best for their child, and it is not unusual to look for ways to boost their child’s learning process to get a head...

Volunteer with Virtual English Tutoring

During COVID-19 ANZA member Fleur Maidment saw a need to support continued education in Myanmar, for students stuck in remote villages without textbooks and with weak data connections. She launched a virtual English tutoring program - matching Karen students from the Thai-Burma border region with ANZA volunteers. The program has grown to 50 tutors from around the globe.


Procrastination is the delaying of less pleasurable or more urgent tasks for more pleasurable or less urgent tasks. Many people judge procrastination as our lack of self-control but it might be more useful to...
back ache

How to Avoid Weekend Warrior Injuries

We asked Dr Neil Forrest from Osler Health International what common 'weekend warrior' injuries he sees in his clinic, along with tips on how to lower your risk of hobbling into Monday.
Sydney, Australia

Tips for a smooth transition home to Australia

The logistics of moving house are complicated at the best of times but managing that process from overseas is infinitely more complicated. Lucy Bulla from Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory in Sydney shares her top tips.

Freelancing and Self-employment for Singapore Expats

According to the Straits Times, Singapore is the second best place in the world to do business in 2020. This may compel many entrepreneurial expats to explore freelancing and self-employment opportunities in the Lion...

Myanmar – A Silver Lining in the Golden Land

Myanmar: the name generates a flood of emotions. After spending just six days there, I hardly know where to begin. Culturally, as ancient as many European countries, Myanmar was a failed British colony, which...

5 New Startups to Check Out

5 New Startups to Check Out 1. Trabble Reason: Free AI concierge for visitors trabble.co This phone app lets visitors to Singapore select a persona – from ‘cultural geek’ to ‘must-sees hunter’ – and be given a list...

Giving your time in Singapore purpose and meaning

Acknowledging our need for meaning and purpose are critical to our enjoyment of expat life, says Intuitive Consultant, Kim Forrester. Injecting meaning and purpose into your daily life is imperative for your holistic wellbeing. In...

The Supermarket Hierarchy

Food shopping in Singapore can be a challenge, so no wonder the locals favour eating out at the hawker markets.  In general, the supermarkets that look and feel more like a Western supermarket will cost...