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A Quality Primary Education That Won’t Break The Bank

Singapore is a wonderful place to live and you can often find yourself staying for much longer than you originally anticipated. With rising outgoings, families often find themselves in the position where they...

AIS – 20 Years of Success

In 2013 the Australian International School celebrated 20 years of educating international students in Singapore. From humble beginnings in 1993, with a cohort of 32 students and 7 teachers, to the current purpose-built campus...

Getting Your Kids Ready for a New International School

Many factors will come into play when selecting a new international school for your kids, especially in an entirely new country.

A common expat achilles heel – Plantar Fasciitis

A health problem that has struck Kathy Chamberlain and indeed many expats ‘of a certain age’ soon after their arrival in Singapore is the very painful and inconvenient condition of Plantar Fasciitis (pronounced fash-ee-eye-tus). Apparently striking...

Fit Tips to Boost Immunity

Looking for ways to stay fit and healthy? Regular exercise is one way to increase your immunity. Leading personal trainers Nathan Williams and Leigh Withers offer expert advice on setting attainable fitness goals, staying motivated and getting results.

Getting Ready for Your Move to Australia

Some of the things you need to start thinking about are: Australian custom authorities and laws are deemed to be one of the sternest in the world which means that the carrying of your...

Piece of Cake!

Joann Finlayson, the talented baker behind customised cake business, Jo Takes the Cake was first featured in ANZA magazine in a kid’s party feature in 2012 when her business was starting out. “It was so exciting because it was the first local magazine to share my creations,” says Jo. We catch up with Singapore’s queen of baking, whose stunning cakes have been the centrepiece for hundreds of celebrations and special moments.

Raffles Staycation

Pip Harry spends a glorious 24 hours in residence at the newly renovated Raffles Singapore…and finds it very hard to leave.

9 Easy Money Saving Tips

We all want to save money, but without a solid plan in place, it’s easier said than done. Here are nine easy-to-follow tips that will help you out: 1. Start with a monthly budget It can...

Top 5 Online Stores

BEST LOCAL VEGETABLES Green Circle Eco Farm Literally from the farm to you, you’ll be supporting the farm directly by purchasing their organically-grown goods. If they aren’t grown at the farm, they’re sourced from an...