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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Q&A with Dr Susan Lane, Asian Regional Manager, Ego Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

    Ego is a proudly Australian-owned company; can you tell us a bit about its presence in the Asian region? Ego has had a presence in Asia for almost 40 years, partnering with family owned companies...

Teens and eating Disorders

What is an ‘eating disorder’? What form can it take? The condition is signified by an abnormal perception of one’s body image as being fat and an overvaluation of a thin body ideal. A fear...

Fit Tips to Boost Immunity

Looking for ways to stay fit and healthy? Regular exercise is one way to increase your immunity. Leading personal trainers Nathan Williams and Leigh Withers offer expert advice on setting attainable fitness goals, staying motivated and getting results.

Surviving 2020 Through Clenched Teeth

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, dentists worldwide have reported higher incidences of broken and cracked teeth due to the increased stress and anxiety people are experiencing. Expat Dental’s Dr Clara Gibson explains the symptoms and treatment.

Teeth Clenching and Grinding: A Modern Condition?

Modern life can be tough! Even with the great technological innovations we have at our disposal, life still becomes overwhelming. People clench and grind in response to stress.  We experience stress in our lives...

Stop the Rot: Preventing Tooth Decay in Kids

Dr Yasmin Huber from Dental Essence gives practical and straightforward advice on maintaining your kid’s dental health and preventing cavities.

Seeing Double: Planning for the birth of twins in Singapore

Planning for the birth of a child in Singapore is complicated enough, but what about when you’re expecting twins? David Marshall shares his experience. In the spirit of the ‘Made in Singapore’ issue of ANZA...

Perimenopause: The Facts

What is ‘perimenopause’? Perimenopause means “around menopause.” It is a phase in a woman’s life marked by alterations in the quantity and frequency of oestrogen production, which is the main female hormone produced by the...

Out and About with ANZA Kill-o-Metres

ANZA's walking group, the Kill-o-Metres, have been enjoying the delights of Singapore this week with both day and evening strolls.

When should you head to the A&E department?

Admission to A&E departments is for patients with serious and life-threatening conditions. Find out if you need to head to emergency, or to your medical clinic.