Creating Safe Swimmers

Want your child to be safe and confident in Singapore’s many pools and waterparks? We get the lowdown from leading swim programs, State Swim and Marsden Swim School.

Expat parents — what happens if you separate?

Couples who have children and separate face a number of parenting challenges: who should children live with? What arrangements should be in place for children to spend time with the other parent? If you’re...

Supporting ANZA Soccer in Every Way

Catherine Strickland’s kids are avid ANZA Soccer players, her husband coaches and she has served on the committee – now she is supporting the league in a new way.     My family and I moved to...

Dover Court Outdoor Education Programme

Dover Court International School believes that outdoor education and expeditions are integral to a well-rounded education.

Positive Education

Positive education has been recognised as being key in development for children today focusing on improving individual well-being. Latest research has uncovered that there is an increase in depression amongst young people on a...

Come and Train with ANZA Soccer

ANZA Soccer’s Head Coach Yakob and his professional team of coaches have put together an off-season training program open to both current players and other ANZA members. This is a great opportunity for kids...

Wellness for Kids

Calm and centre your kids with some yoga, meditation or spa experiences designed just for them, writes Karola Clark.

More than Just Singing

Nůmama Choir has a lot more to offer than songs sung in harmony, Joanna Swan says.   Nůmama was conceived back in the summer of 2009 by two young and displaced British mums in Singapore who...

New Sky Gym to open at Loewen Gardens

For parents looking for kids gym classes, Sky Gym will launch a gymnasium in a newly developed space at Loewen Gardens in September. It will feature a nine metre long tumble track trampoline. The...

How to Win at Sports Parenting

ANZA Netball’s Michelle Adamson has some tips on how you can support your child’s sports experiences.