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ANZA Magazine May/June 2020

Kids and Family Issue: Yummy Lunchbox Ideas

Nursing back to happiness

Recent dog foster parent Catherine Flanagan talks about her experience taking in a stray dog from Save Our Street Dogs.   Have you ever pondered “I’d love to own a dog, but maybe that’s too difficult...

Cool Condo

We check out a Leedon Heights condo in Holland Village, with soaring glass windows, green views and a balcony lap pool.
Marie Monmont entrepreneur wildness chocolate

Into the Wild

Adopted New Zealander, Marie Monmont is a business woman, social enterprise entrepreneur and a driving force for change says Charley Larcombe.

AGM: Meet the New Executive Committee

ANZA has held its Annual General Meeting, with a small group of members saying farewell to outgoing President PJ Roberts and welcoming in new President Adam Martin and Vice President Megan Kinder. 

JCU: The Place for Gaming Enthusiasts

The Singapore campus of James Cook University (JCU) offers unique opportunities to discover the world of video games and to level up game development skills.

Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep

Living through the ups and downs of Covid has impacted the sleep of millions. Dr Catherine Phan from International Medical Clinic (IMC) offers advice for good sleep hygiene, so you can rest easy.

Speech & Language Therapy for Kids

Melanie Muttitt is a therapist for Treetop Therapy Centre - a speech and language therapy clinic that works with children, families and schools in Singapore. “I’ve always wanted to work in a profession helping children and families,” says Melanie. “I’m also passionate about communication - everybody deserves to have a voice.”

Nurture Your Career

Holistic Executive Coach, Josephine Corcoran talks to Charley Larcombe about finding vocational fulfilment in 2018. In an ever-increasing materialistic world, filled with ‘busy’-ness, more and more often, I’m meeting people who feel disconnected, overwhelmed and...