Kill-o-Metres: NEW Walks & Friday Drinks

ANZA Kill-o-Metres Walking Group is now offering a larger selection of morning and evening walks; including a Friday evening wind down walk, followed by ‘wine down’ drinks. Join the walking revolution!

Expat Tips for a Successful Repatriation

Thinking about heading home sooner or later? Two of ANZA’s favourite freelance writers tell us how they’re coping with the ups and downs of repatriation from Singapore to Melbourne and Singapore (via Bali) to the Netherlands.

Christmas Dining Out Guide

Wondering what on earth to do for Christmas brunch, lunch or dinner? Here are some festive feasts to celebrate this special time of year.

Hotspots review: Butcher Boy

Deborah Gillies tries Butcher Boy, a trendy Asian fusion bar and grill in Keong Saik

Refind: Glass Recycling in Singapore

Australian expat B. Jane Cowie talks about her brilliant career in glass and how she’s aiming to make her company, Refind, Singapore’s leading art glass recycling studio.

ANZA’s New Trailing Talent Support Group

ANZA has set up the ANZA Trailing Talent Facebook group for trailing spouses looking for social and networking opportunities.

Bake Ahead Christmas Cake

To get into the spirit there is nothing better than starting early and soaking the fruit for a spicy, aromatic Christmas cake well ahead of time. For a fool proof recipe try this one from the New Zealand Edmonds Cookbook.

Check Out: Novena

Australian expat Paula Barnes from checks out bagels, cafes, foot massage spots and a sports mall in Novena, located in Central Singapore.

ANZA Cycling Chix on Pulau Ubin

During this month's Breast Cancer Awareness month, the ANZA Cycling Chix decided to forgo the club kit and don the pink to escape mainland Singapore. The group enjoyed a day of wild action on Pulau Ubin and fundraised for Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Avoid Common Moving Mistakes

Heading back home or to another expat posting? How do you ensure that your move goes seamlessly? Sir Move have put together a list of mistakes you should avoid during your moving process.