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Thursday, December 1, 2022

10 Minutes With… Corinna Lim of AWARE

Why AWARE's women's helpline is essential for women in Singapore and needs your support
The Raffles Affair

10 minutes with Vicki Virtue

ANZA chats to Vicki Virtue, the Second Writer-in-Residence of Raffles Hotel Singapore.

10 minutes with Adrian Pang

The LKY Musical in Singapore showcases the country's history in a unique fashion.
The Bleeding Slaughterhouse_Alexandra_Hospital_Singapore

New book uncovers Singapore’s Alexandra Hospital Massacres of 1942

A new book investigates the Alexandra Hospital Massacres that took place during the Fall of Singapore in February 1942. Here, author Stuart Lloyd speak to us about his intense research and interviews with survivors.

Expats embracing local life: Yvette Smith, founder of She Loves Blooms

Singapore is a fabulous place to find culture and artistic inspiration. We speak to Yvette Smith about how she keeps Asian history and storytelling alive through her unique creativity.

Expats embracing local life: Meet Deborah McKellar, founder of Talking Textiles

Immersing yourself in local life is the best way to expat. We meet Deborah McKellar to talk about how the red dot inspires her art and business.

Happy New Year from the Australian High Commission

The start of a new year is inevitably a time to reflect and look ahead with optimism at what’s to come. Australia’s bilateral relationship with Singapore is one of our closest and most enduring...

Seeing the year out with High Commissioner Jo Tyndall

The past year has been filled with uncertainty and change, and loss of connection, freedom and lives. No doubt all of us, myself included, hoped that 2021 would bring us back to some sense...

President’s Message

For me there’s no better time on the calendar than the festive season. Wherever you are in the world, it usually kicks off by the time December rolls around with a surfeit of food...

10 minutes with… Purely Adoptions

Tell us about your company . . . We’re pet lovers with the belief that every pet deserves a good home. As one of the Animal Welfare Groups in Singapore, we depend on a fostering...