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Friday, June 2, 2023

ANZA Cycling: What happened at the Tour of Phuket 2023

The lowdown on ANZA Cycling at the Tour of Phuket 2023

ANZA Cycling: Wot no lycra?

The lastest news from ANZA Cycling including parties and round-the-island rides

ANZA Cycling: A chat with pro cyclist Mark Cavendish

What happened when ANZA Cycling met pro cyclist Mark Cavendish

ANZA Cycling: Meet the new leaders

Met some of the new leaders of ANZA's ever-popular cycling group

In conversation with: Marco Mejia, new President, ANZA Cycling

Meet Marco Mejia, the new President of ANZA Cycling.
ANZA Cycling June 2022

ANZA Cycling: Ride, feast, plan, repeat!

ANZA Cycling on new members, day trips, planned events and the return of the communal big brekkie.

Exploring new horizons with ANZA Cycling

Travel opportunities and less restrictions have allowed ANZA Cycling to expand their routes and locations. Megan Kinder reports.

ANZA Cycling: Back in the saddle for 2022

We meet existing ANZA Cycling members, welcome some new ones, and highlight important dates in the cycling calendar to look forward to.

Riding into 2022 with ANZA Cycling

New cycling rules, a new app for improved communication, and a lovely new Membership Co-ordinator. By Megan Kinder.

ANZA Cycling: What happened at the Singapore Cycling Federation’s TTT

Megan Kinder meets new Cycling Committee Road Director Jock Hughson, and we find out how the ANZA teams fared at the OCBC Team Time Trial 2021.