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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Anza Soccer brings it home with FA Cup success!

ANZA Soccer did us all proud at the JSSL Singapore 4 vs 4 FA Cup tournament with some thrilling games and impressive wins.

ANZA Soccer: A league of their own

From the pitch to going pro, Cara D’Avanzo highlights four players whose time at ANZA Soccer has catapulted them into the spotlight here and around the world.
ANZA Soccer Virtual Plat

ANZA Soccer Dominates in Fantasy Football!

ANZA Soccer players found a new way to enjoy their favourite sport – fantasy football! 37 ANZA Soccer players bonded with teammates during the Euro 2020 tournament. Now all players can join the 2021–22 Fantasy Premier League!

Girl Power

Cara Mayega and Janelle Macbay – Junior ANZA Matildas Coordinators write about the power of all girl’s grassroots soccer teams.

2020–21 Season Highlights

What a season! Through thick and thin, ANZA Soccer players experienced fun, friendship and football during the 2020–21 season. Cara D’Avanzo reports.

ANZA Soccer’s Parent Volunteers

On the pitch, it’s ANZA Soccer’s dedicated coaches, team parents and organisers who make sure the kids have a great time each Saturday, rain or shine. We asked them why they volunteer - here’s what they said.

ANZA Soccer’s Amazing Volunteers

ANZA Soccer’s volunteers have come through to help the programme thrive during a difficult year. Here are some stories from our dedicated committee members about why they decided to volunteer and what they enjoy about being on the team!

Introducing our ANZA Soccer Sponsors

ANZA Soccer’s valued sponsors ensure the success of our highly respected programme. “We are extremely fortunate to be supported by a number of community-minded companies who are aligned with ANZA Soccer’s philosophy and appreciate the exposure to the expat community that ANZA Soccer can offer,” says outgoing Treasurer Keith Thorn.

Farewell Keith!

A big farewell and thank you to Keith Thorn, Treasurer of ANZA Soccer, who is leaving Singapore after an impressive 15 years with the league.

Growing Up With ANZA Soccer!

Brothers Declan, Aran, and Christopher have all been “lifetime” players with ANZA Soccer! They joined when Declan was six, and younger brothers Aran and Chris also laced up their soccer boots as soon as they were old enough.