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Monday, September 26, 2022

Thinking of leaving Singapore? Read this first

How many acquaintances do you know who have left, or are thinking of leaving Singapore right now? Chances are there’s a few. As the pandemic continues, one of the major topics of conversation (sometimes...

New Venue: Wild Child Pizzette

Built on a decade old promise and dough making philosophy, The Cicheti Group’s latest opening defies all conventions of a traditional Neapolitan pizzeria.

Your Guide to Financing Property in Australia

While the rules may have changed for Australian expats wanting to obtain a mortgage for property investment at home, it is still possible. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why ANZA Soccer Stands Out!

With a long history, affordable season fees and an excellent standing in the local leagues the ANZA Soccer community and programme stands out in the crowd.

A Mysterious Staycation at Raffles Hotel

Probably the most emblematic building of the Singapore landscape, the Raffles Hotel lives up to its hard-earned reputation and allure. Until recently we had resisted the urge to join the new trend of on-island...

The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Singapore on Foot!

ANZA members Ross and Rae Moller, and Rod and Sue Elliot plus friends, walked the circumference of Singapore in 2020. This feat took 15 mornings and encompassed 170 kms. Along the way they encountered everything...