Do you have bras that have outlived their usefulness?

Don’t feel right? Too big? Too small?

Finished with those maternity bras?

Doing a Marie Kondo on your wardrobe?

If you have gently used bras, in good condition, then we can take them off your hands and donate them to a worthy cause.

until the end of May, we are supporting BRA Girls, an online group aiming to provide bras to women in disadvantaged communities in the Philippines or Africa. These ladies are unable to obtain or afford any form of undergarment, and in many cases, the undergarments provided by charitable organizations may be the only ones they will ever own. Bras are more than just an everyday essential; they also provide women with dignity and protection. In particular, maternity or nursing bras and even crop tops are in demand.

Avery big thank you to all our generous bra donors. We had an extremely successful drive and all bras have been shipped. Look out for the next ANZA Action Bra drive by following us on Facebook here

You can find out more about ANZA Action here.