About ANZA

The Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA) is the arrival destination that offers ongoing support in the areas of social events, career and social responsibility. We’ve been the key partner to thousands of families and businesses since 1948.

ANZA Action, the charity arm of ANZA, supports more than 9 charities both with hands on volunteering and through fundraising at our events.

ANZA supports all of its members by providing information, networking, social, recreational and sporting involvement and professional opportunities. Some of the benefits and activities that ANZA members enjoy include:

  • Parties and events
  • Monthly members’ nights
  • Ladies’ Night
  • Secret Men’s Business
  • Sporting groups for children and adults
  • Tours around Singapore
  • Factual/cultural talks and tours
  • Casual Coffee mornings
  • Volunteering and charitable opportunities
  • Special interest groups
  • Discounts at outlets island wide
  • Member-only events

Check out our Membership Benefits page to find out more.

While ANZA does not have a clubhouse,  it does have a very active office. The friendly environment allows members to drop in any time for a chat and to get information and assistance to register for membership, tours, functions and sports.

Come on in and say hi. We’d love to catch up!


ANZA was founded in 1948 and officially established in Singapore in 1961 to provide friendship and support amongst the Australian and New Zealand families based here. ANZA has now grown to a membership base of more than 7000, representing a range of nationalities and age groups including Australian, New Zealand and British, as well as from countries as diverse as the USA, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, South Africa and Singapore.

We have had a long history in Singapore dating back to the start of the 20th century. We started off our life as a registered society in the Colony of Singapore in 1917 and formally became ANZA in 1948, however official registration did not occur until 1961 as there was a great deal of re-building after the Second World War and the administration process took some time.

Over our 70 year history we have provided many people and families with a home away from home, a place where people can come together with fellow countrymen, relax, build important friendships and give back to the community. Here is a timeline of key historical dates and milestones:

1917 – 1948

The organisation was known as the Australian and New Zealand Association of Malaya (registered as a Society in the Colony of Singapore)

1939 – 1945

The ANZAC Club, Singapore, was also operating. In 1941 the Victoria Memorial Hall was opened as a place of rest and recreation for Australian servicemen on leave in Singapore.


ANZA – The Australian and New Zealand Association (Singapore) was founded. The original Australian and New Zealand Association of Malaya ceased to exist.

1948 – 1954

During this period, two organisations – The Australian Association (Singapore) and New Zealand Society (Malaya) also existed.


The actual registration of ANZA occured in August of this year


The Women’s Auxiliary Committee was formed


ANZA celebrated its 50th Anniversary


To commemorate ANZA’s 50th anniversary in Singapore, a team of members compiled a book entitled “Snippets from the Past” documenting ANZA’s history and formation. Also in this year the Women’s Auxilliary Committee (now known as ANZA Action) celebrated its Silver Jubilee.

Current day

ANZA is still going strong with more than 7000 members from a diverse range of nationalities