Secret Men’s Business | ANZA

Secret Men’s Business or SBM is made up primarily of male trailing spouses of all ages and stages looking for a round of golf or a catch up with likeminded, friendly blokes. The group’s main activity is golf, which they play twice a week, usually on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Orchid Country Club, Sembawang Country Club or Warren Golf and Country Club. The sports minded group also meets up for weekly squash, walking and tennis.

The group holds regular meet ups, as well as spontaneous social gatherings throughout the year, sometimes with their partners. “Basically, if you’re a male you’re welcome to join us for a round of golf and/or a few beers from time to time,” says organiser Pat Taylor. “Settling into a new country can be difficult if you don’t know too many people, especially for trailing spouses, so this is one avenue to help you in this area.”

SMB also has a charitable side – pitching in with working bees and passing the hat or fundraising for their designated charity – Melrose Home Children’s Aid Society.

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