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Why Join?. . . ANZA Athletics

ANZA Athletics is great for fitness, fun and forming new friendships. Here are some reasons why your child should give it a go on the track and field this season!
Why we love ANZA Athletics in Singapore

5 Things I Get Out Of ANZA Athletics

ANZA ATHLETICS: 10-year-old Xavier Brasher tells us why he's such a fan of the different sports on offer.
ANZA Athletics in Singapore

What Mum Said Next

Lucy James talks to an ANZA Athletics Mum, Fiona Zdun.
ANZA Athletics is competitive and fun

Athletic Benefits

It’s no secret that sports help children build confidence, develop focus, and teach them about emotional control. Lucy James talks us through the numerous benefits of ANZA Athletics to your kids.

Our Amazing Kids

ANZA ATHLETICS: Lucy James takes time to celebrate the ANZA kids - smashing PB records and welcoming newcomers.