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ANZA Scouts has a dynamic, fun and adventurous program that encourages boys and girls aged 5-18 to learn new skills, explore Singapore’s great outdoors and develop confidence and leadership qualities. The ANZA Scout group is affiliated with the Singapore Scouts Association and Scouts Australia. The programs are run by parent volunteers and children are grouped into appropriate age group sections.

Scouting is a great way for kids and adults to make new friends and become part of a friendly and respectful community. Scouts engage in enjoyable, challenging activities that cater to different age groups and give them the opportunity to learn, make new friends, work with others, and develop independence.

During their weekly meet-ups at different locations around the island the various groups might play games, sing songs, try crafts, go for a nature hike, learn survival skills and bushcraft, explore the wilderness, camp out, volunteer in the community or develop teamwork and organisational skills through working in small groups and arranging their own activities.

The graduated program allows kids to move from section to section as they develop and mature. ANZA Scouts is welcoming and inclusive and the program is open to children from any background.

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