Soccer – Co-Ed Programme

Co-Ed Programmes

The success of ANZA Soccer relies on the on-going support of parent volunteers. The Saturday League Competition relies on parents taking on the roles of Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Parent. There are additional opportunities to volunteer at Committee level. It is expected that all parents will play their part in supporting the ANZA Soccer community.

Group 3 (born 2017) and Group 4 (born 2016) – Little Lions

The U4 boys and girls programme involves fun games and activities designed to develop children’s confidence, motor skills and love for soccer. We focus on positive encouragement and inclusion. The programme involves 30 x 1 hour sessions on Saturday mornings.

$650 per player – Includes a kit of jersey, shorts and socks. Mid season price may be available during the season.

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Born 2015 (Group 5) – U17’s Saturday Club League

The Born 2015 (Group 5) programme spans approximately 30 Saturdays and involves fun games, drills, activities and small sided games designed to develop children’s confidence, motor skills and love for the sport of soccer. The 2015 to U17 divisions also involve approximately 28 Saturday games (inclusive of league games, tournaments and friendlies) at our home grounds. We have traditionally had over 70 teams across the age divisions in our Saturday Club League. Saturday games are coached by volunteer parent coaches. Older age groups games are professionally refereed. Players also receive 15 professional training sessions on Thursday evenings throughout the season. These programmes are open to boys and girls playing co-ed.

$650 per player – Includes a kit of jersey, shorts and socks.

Times for 2020/21 Season:

  Pitch 1 Pitch 2 Pitch 3 Pitch 4 / Indoor
8:00 – 8:50am 2015 (Grp5) 2013 (Grp7) 2013 (Grp7) 2016 (Grp4) (Indoor)
9:00 – 9:50am 2014 (Grp6) 2012 (Grp8) 2012 (Grp8) 2017 (Grp3) (Indoor)
10:00 – 10:50am U10 / Coach Trng U10 U10
11:00 – 12:05pm U17 U11 U11
12:15 – 1:20pm U17 U12 U12
1:30 – 3:00pm U14 U14 U14 B18* (Pitch 4)
* B18 on temp basis, then U14 again

Pitch locations and entry/exit routes are here.

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B5 (Born 2015) – B18 (Born 2002) Sunday Competition League

ANZA Soccer Competition Teams represent ANZA Soccer in external leagues, playing every second Sunday. Placement is subject to player grading – which is carried out by a professional coach (although ANZA Soccer participates in multiple divisions catering to different skill levels). Players who wish to participate must make payment of the Sunday competition registration fee (S$555) when signing up for the Saturday League, as competition teams will be determined very early in the season. Refunds for the competition team fee will be payable only in the odd instance that a player cannot be accommodated within the competition teams.

This programmes is open to boys. (Girls competition teams are organised separately among the Saturday programme participants). The competition fee includes competition kit (jersey, shorts and socks), external registration fees and training. There is a strong emphasis on competition players attending any competition team training provided througout the season. Training for B10 to B16’s will occur on Wednesday evenings and for B6 to B8’s on Thursday evenings on dates to be advised throughout the season. Age cut-off for competition teams will be 1st January covering B5 to B18.

Fees: S$555. Competition players may also be selected to represent ANZA Soccer in selected international tournaments (additional fees will apply).

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