Soccer 3-18yrs

ANZA Soccer is a not-for-profit organisation with over 40 years’ experience in delivering quality soccer programmes to children and young adults aged 3 to 18 years. Our emphasis is on affordable, fun and competitive soccer, with the Saturday Club League run by volunteer parents, and with opportunities for players to develop competitive skills in our Sunday Competition League lead by AFC qualified coaches.

The success of ANZA Soccer relies on the on-going support of parent volunteers. The Saturday League Competition sees parents take on the roles of Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Parent. There are additional opportunities to volunteer at Committee level. It is expected that all parents will play their part in supporting the ANZA Soccer community.

Our dynamic Saturday Club League for 3 year olds to U18 age groups runs from Saturday 25 August 2018 to April 2019 (with school holiday breaks) on three full-size artificial pitches at The Cage Sports Park, Turf City. ANZA Soccer provides the only closed soccer league in Singapore, which provides players with the opportunity to play competitive games in a fun, social environment.

Indicative times of play are noted below. These may be subject to minor changes dependent on numbers and scheduling requirements. Training for the Saturday Club League takes place on Thursday evenings at the same location.

Playing times for 2018/19 Season

2015 (Group 3) 9:00 am
2014 (Group 4) 9:00 am
2013 (Group 5) 9:00 am
2012 (Group 6) 10:00 am
Under 8s 8:00 am
Under 9s 9:00 am
Under 10s 10:00 am
Under 11s 11:00 am
Under 12s 12:15 pm
Under 14s 1:30 pm
Under 17s 11:00 am and 12:15 pm


Season Registration Fees

Saturday Club League – $660 per player for the full season (early bird price $620 until Jun 30). Mid season price will be available during the season, please see the registration form for up to date pricing information.
Sunday Competition League – $500 per player

Children will play in their appropriate age groups with the cut-off date being January 1 (older age groups use September 1, but we are transitioning all groups to January 1 over time). Girls aged 7 and above are encouraged to join the girls teams, however girls may also play in the co-ed teams.

Please click on the Program links in the red menu above to see both Co-Ed and Girls-Only full program details.

To join ANZA Soccer you must be a current ANZA Member. Click to Join ANZA.