Soccer – Committee

The ANZA Soccer committee is made up of the following dedicated volunteers:

Age Group Coordinator E-mail Address
Treasurer Keith Thorn [email protected]
Committee Secretary Luc Mongeon [email protected]
Communications Coordinator Anita Neville [email protected]
Girl’s program Coordinator Alp Altun [email protected]
Kit Secretary Maree Roberts [email protected]
Pitch Coordinator Gordon Deas [email protected]
Under 5’s Lauren Brown [email protected]
Under 6’s Matt Masson [email protected]
Under 7’s Kevin Hynds [email protected]
Under 8’s Kevin Hynds [email protected]
Under 9’s Geoff King [email protected]
Under 10’s Steve Smallsman
Under 11’s Gael McLennan [email protected]
Under 12’s Janine Furlong / Michelle Wheeler [email protected]
Under 14’s Travis Mills [email protected]
Under 17’s Michael Demchy [email protected]
Under 17’s Halyna English
Competition Team Coordinator – Group 6 (2010+) Open [email protected]
Competition Team Coordinator – Group 8 (2008-2009) Gavin Wellington [email protected]
Competition team Coordinator – Group 10 (2006-2007) Janine Furlong/ Michelle Wheeler [email protected]
Competition Team Coordinator – Group 12 (2004-2005) Travis Mills [email protected]
Competition team Coordinator – Group 14 (2002-2003) Marcel de Bruijckere [email protected]
Competition team Coordinator – Group 16 (2000-2001) Keith Thorn [email protected]
Competition team coordinator U18 Gina Kabul [email protected]
Contracted Coach Yakob Hashim [email protected]