Soccer – Volunteers

ANZA Soccer relies largely on volunteers to operate.

Team Parent

The team parent is responsible for:

  • Internal communication for the team. They are the link between the Age Group Coordinator, the Team coach and parents. Create a phone / email tree for the team and send a weekly update with information about upcoming matches, snacks, notices from the committee. Please note: Parents should be blind copied in all communication
  • Distribute uniforms at the start of each season and note the number down of each players jersey
  • Arrange a fruit roster – one family each week in the team is responsible to bring fruit / healthy snacks for the whole team
  • Note absences and inform the coach
  • Note the awarding of the player of the week trophy (ensure it is evenly awarded to all members f the team)

Click here to read A year in the life of a Team Parent written by Ian Hughes


Coach and Assistant Coach

The Coach and Assistant Coach are responsible for:

  • Organising the players into a team, allocating each player an appropriate position, briefing the team in a constructive manner
  • Warming up the team and doing some skills work with the payers before the match on Saturday
  • During the match offer positive advice, encouragement and feedback to the players. Set an example of fair play
  • Organise a substitution roster, all players should play equal time and at least half a match.
  • Award the “Player of the Week ” trophy at the end of each match (ensure all players receive it equitably through the season)
  • Liaise with team parent on absentees before each Saturday