Soccer – Girls Programme

Girls-Only Programme

The 2020-21 ANZA season will offer girls different options based on their skill levels and soccer experience. ANZA is very excited that its girls programme has developed to include so many girls who are at so many different places in their soccer careers. We are pleased to offer a programme that will help all players develop their skills, knowledge, teamwork, and confidence.

Matildas teams

ANZA has a girls-only team known as the Matildas in each age group from U6 to U12. Matildas teams compete in the ANZA Saturday league against mixed teams. Matildas players use a different age-cutoff to help keep these girls-only teams competitive against the other mixed teams in the age group.

Age groups

The Matildas teams play one or two years down according to age. This follows generally accepted soccer practice to allow an even playing field against boys teams.

Girls are placed on these teams according to their birth year.

Girl’s Year of Birth Girls’ Programme Team Mixed Teams Age Group
2012/13/14 Pink Matildas 2014
2011 Orange Matildas 2013
2010 Green Matildas 2012
2009 Purple Matildas U10
2008 Red Matildas U11
2006/7 Navy Matildas U12
2005/6/7 Skyblue Matildas U14

Girls younger than 7 will be placed in mixed teams. Every effort is made to put at least two girls together in any mixed team.

Girls older than 7 may opt to play on mixed teams at registration instead of joining the girls programme. We recommend, however, that girls do join the girls programme, as this will provide them with the best opportunities for developing as players and enjoying the game with their peers. Girls who join mixed teams should join the age group listed above, rather than the age group listed on the registration page.

Weekday Training Sessions.

ANZA Club League Training will be held on Tuesdays 5pm to 6pm for girls born 2008 and younger, and 6pm to 7pm for 2007 and older.

These practice sessions ensure that girls have an opportunity to play together and develop their skills and camaraderie.

Competition training is Mondays 5pm to 7pm.

Girls-only Sunday league.

Girls Sunday Competition players are selected from the Saturday teams, by the Coaches.

If selected, there is an additional registration fee for Sunday Soccer.

To join ANZA Soccer you must be a current ANZA Member. Click to Join ANZA.

Registration for the Girls-Only Programme is via the Saturday Registration.